Patio Furniture [Upcycle]

Spring & summer mean backyard BBQ's and a revolving door of friends and family hanging out on the back deck.  We decided that our dark green furniture needed a face lift.  So 6 cans of Valspar Tropical Oasis and 4 new cushions later -- we have a little oasis of our own! 

Just don't mind all the pollen on the table top!

Outdoor Furniture

Glass Mosaic [Bar]

I got married in my parent's backyard.  So that kicks the traditional "reception bar" to the curb.  I wanted something a little say the least.

The devil is in the details, and I tend to be OCD about any sort of detail.  My brother made a bar for his college apartment.  It was pretty awesome to begin with, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit so it would be well dressed for the wedding.  My mom is a stained glass artist and had a zillion pieces of scrap glass.

Since the colorwheel for the wedding was a peacock feather, we had a lot of wiggleroom for color choices...not that it really would have mattered.

So 3 months before the wedding this was hanging out on the kitchen floor, our masterpiece!


  1. OMGosh how beautiful! And what a treasure to pass down to generations to come! And you are totally rockin' those blue shoes, love it!!

    1. Thank you, Sami! It was tedious but so fun -- definitely a conversation starter. I think those shoes are STILL my favorite :)