20 August 2014

What the Wednesday.

And so begins the day where even the calendar goes WTF – that’s basically an accurate description of my entire week.  My apologies for dropping the ball on “Take Tue,” hopefully I’ll be gifted with an opporTUEnity to make it up to you guys (insert snarkling over nerd humor here).

Tomorrow, Christie will save us all and give you guys an awesome post – seriously, she’s got some killer projects going on and I may JUST be jealous over the fact that she has a garage in which to operate in. I never thought I’d be pining over a garage. In the meantime, I’ll assault your eyeballs by giving you a recap on my life since the tail end of last week! Rejoice!

Over the weekend we had some rogue trees removed, any time things of that magnitude start leaning toward my wee oasis it makes me nervous.  But, the guy was great – quick and clean.  The trees were down in no time, and the stumps ground up. However, we were left with a ridiculous amount of mulch…cue the pitchfork and wheelbarrow! Two of our abandoned “flower beds” received a fresh covering of mulch and the left overs made a faux flower bed around the shed…I had to get creative.


I had no idea that tomato plants could turn into legit bushes. My mom planted 4 tomato plants in our flowerbed to see if our combo of full sun and horse manure – compost would make a difference. Well, we have a jungle growing in our flower bed and as of yesterday one of the plants grew so heavy with tomatoes (we counted 32) that it just gave up and fell over.  Who knew that plants threw tantrums?

However, none of the tomatoes have started turning at all, I believe they were planted a little late in the season. This has left us with copious amounts of green tomatoes.  So, we’re getting creative in what to do with them. Fried green tomatoes are delicious, and hopefully the pickled green tomatoes will turn out just as well.  If you’re interested in the recipe you can find it here!

Who’s a glutton for punishment? This girl. I decided after painting the stair well and upstairs hallway (thanks for your help, mom!), that I could no longer stand the carpet. So, up it came. Luckily, Christie and I had pulled up a secret patch of the carpet and found out that we had hardwood treads underneath –serious luck on that one.  The plan is to stain the stair treads, paint the risers and install a carpet runner up the center. That should be an interested post to come. Stay tuned.



Knox is a little peeved – he doesn't like climbing hardwood steps. He’s giving me his best exasperated face.

That’s all for now, sorry for the bland post. I’m sure that you all can relate to the whirlwind that life can be sometimes! Keep sharing your DIY adventures; we love to live vicariously through you all!

Xoxo, Kate

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