05 August 2014

Take Tue -- Potty Break

Not that kind of potty break – I promised you guys pictures of our renovated bathroom! It’s still a work in progress, so for now I’m taking you tue (hah, see what I did there?) our new, non-blue-gross shower! Other parts of the bathroom will be posted later!

Originally our bathroom re-design involved a pre-fab corner shower with one showerhead. Well, once we re-did the layout for the umpteenth time we decided that a corner shower wouldn’t do. After a trip to Lowe’s that decision was confirmed…so small! We decided to dream big, and boy – am I glad we did.

It was a headache…and budget rearranging heartache. I fretted over tile for what seemed to be a full month, and finally chose white-on-white marble.  Sounds fancy, but the only tile that is actually marble is the accent tile. Too expensive for our pocket otherwise! I hunted online and found a great site for marble tile, check it out here.  Stone Center Online, they were great; literally nothing chipped or broke with shipping, the shipping was free, and they were super quick to respond and send pictures of their current stock.  The wall tile is actually porcelain; we purchased that from our second home, Lowe’s. It is a 9”x12” tile, but is available in seemingly every size combination.  The only tile that really caused us a lot of grief were the quarter rounds that “frame” the shower curb and door area.  Typically you would use a mudcap tile – it reaches around the corner. However, all of the tiles that we choose had a matte finish (I don’t want to see soap scum!) and I couldn’t find any non-glossy white mudcap tile. FINALLY I hit some success with Wayfair.  Buying it sight unseen was a little nerve wracking, but I love the finished product.

We poured the base ourselves…by “we,” I mean Nick and my dad. We opted to purchase the “Goof Proof Shower Kit.” Truly the name – whoever came up with this is a genius and is likely sitting on their own island somewhere.  Both Lowe’s and Home Depot sell them online, we opted to use Amazon. Long story short, it comes with a plastic guide getup that helps you determine how to slope your shower floor so that water moves toward the drain. Center, right or left – the kits are interchangeable and way more affordable than buying a tile-ready base. Yikes!

Three shower heads…enough said. It's love – the rainfall one is my favorite. Not great for washing anything out of this crazy nest of hair that I have, but very spa like and relaxing. We found ours for a great price here – I did lots of price stalking.  Instead of having three separate valves to control each shower head at the wall we opted to stick with one main valve and then do volume control valves between the showerhead and showerarm.  It’s nothing more than a brushed nickel ball valve, but it gives us the option to completely shut the water off at each individual showerhead. We found those at Signature Hardware, same place as the rainfall shower head.

Anyways, enough rambling – hope the start of your week has been an exciting one! As always, we look forward to hearing from you guys, drop by our facebook page and share some pictures of your own DIY adventures, we’d love to see them!

Xoxo, Kate

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