26 August 2014

Take Tue and To-Do's

Kevin hates Pinterest. The day I found this marvelous “think tank” of ideas and inspiration, was a dark day for him. But whether he has enjoyed the extra undertakings or not, we have found some really great DIY projects for our fixer-upper house.

From our mantle headboard and bed frame

To painting projects

To completely repurposing pieces

We have loved what we have accomplished so far.

But I have a list of projects I am itching to get to. So for today’s Take Tue, I bring you my TOP 4 (yes, 4) list of Pinterest-inspired projects I am dying to do:

1. Simple Pallet Bar

Pallets have seemingly taken over Pinterest. Some ideas I love, others meh…but this easy-to-make bar definitely caught my eye. Not only do you not need a warehouse full of pallets to complete, but Kevin and I actually want something like this for our deck. Perfect.

2. Painting furniture with oil paint and spray painting drawers with metallic silver

This project is found on Live, Love, DIY Blog and you should totes go check it out (and others she has done.) Not only is she fun and entertaining, but she has some great ideas! For this project, I love the finish the oil paint gives to the furniture and I really love the look the metallic silver gives to the inside of the drawers. So awesome!

3. Pallet flooring

I don’t know exactly where I would do this, but I love the idea of reusing the wood to make a beautiful floor.  Kevin isn’t quite as convinced of this project yet, but maybe one day… (I also promise this is my last pallet project on this list!)

4. Travel Map Art

This is a smaller project, but one that I think Kevin and I would enjoy having as a piece of art in our house.  Documenting and remembering our adventures & pushing ourselves to visit new places is a double bonus of this Pinterest project I want to make!

To check out these projects and others head over to my Pinterest board, Project Ideas

ALSO, in honor of National Dog Day (yes, it is National Dog Day today), here is a sweet picture of Beau (and Molly -- obviously jealous that the day isn't about her because naturally everyday should be about her. Duh.) 

Xoxo, Christie

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