07 August 2014

Kindling Box Rescue: Mantle Headboard

 You may remember this “gem” of a mantle that I have been promising you (and myself) I would eventually turn into our headboard, but until now has ended up living a sad, half-finished life in our spider-y garage. Well I am pleased to announce it has officially made its way out of our garage and mounted over our bed. Loud cheers and high fives all around! Celebrate!

wood mantle

I bought this guy from a warehouse, sight unseen (minus one lousy front picture), for $40. When Kevin and I picked it up (Kate's parents delivered it to her equally spider-y shed) it was, we shall say, in less than pristine condition. Not only did I think Kevin was going to kill me for spending 40 dollars on “wood not even good enough for a fire” (his words not mine), but I seriously think he was questioning my mental soundness. No sane person would actually spend money on that. There is some sort of DNA difference between those who DIY and those that don't...VISION -- hello.

Once home, I decided I was going to try to strip all the paint off and stain the wood. I can tell you right now that that game plan was a huge, enormous, stupid failure. Sometimes DIYs just do not always work out the way you want them to. That’s okay. After much stripping (of the paint, sheesh!) and many, many sanding pads, I threw up the white flag.

wood mantle

 He put up one heck of a fight. Mantle: 1 Christie: 0.

Time to switch to Plan B…when all else fails, paint! One huge problem, there were so many layers of paint that there was no way (without many more sanding pads and tears) that I was going to be able to sand it so there was an even base to paint. I figured I had two options: 1. Fill in the low spots, sand, and create an even base 2. Leave it uneven, accept it as an old piece with character, and embrace the imperfection. Option 2 it was.

So he (I don’t know why it’s a boy, it just is) got himself a coat of primer and three coats of paint, and I think he turned out quite handsome; lumpy-ness and all!

Modified Mantle Headboard

Modified Mantle Headboard

We did have some causalities along the way. Unfortunately, the wood for his “legs” was rotten at best and just not salvageable. So my thought was cut them off and then build him new legs using the old ones as a template. We hung him up in the mean time (I was so darn ready to have a headboard!) and after seeing it mounted, decided I didn't really miss having the legs. So new plan is to get some sort of molding to create a more finished edge on the bottom and call it done.

The fun part is now deciding how I want to decorate the mantle. Right now this is where I am:

Modified Mantle Headboard

Modified Mantle Headboard

Please notice the picture frame that currently has a stock photo in it plus part of the price tag (such a big pet peeve that they stick the price tag on the glass with adhesive that will only come off with the strength of a thousand men…or a really sharp razor that I usually don’t have.) Should probably get to Target to print out the photo that I want to go in there. Candle stick: Garden Ridge, Picture frames: a combination of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, Fish: Garden Ridge.

That’s all for today, y’all, but we’ll be back soon! ‘Til then!

Xoxo, Christie

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