17 July 2014

The Story of a Crate, a Counter and a Chalkboard

I’m just going to go ahead and state the obvious – my life is a legit circus.  2014 has been a crazy year for Nick and me so far, and I’m looking forward to it slowing down a little bit. I've been living in a construction zone since the end of February and I, for one, am ready to not have a project going on.

You guys better screenshot this post just for evidence…because the chances of that happening are about the same as parka cloaked pigs flying through an arctic glazed hell.

Project back-story: Knox quickly outgrew his petite crate that we kept in the kitchen, so we upgraded him to a crate that resembled a condo, not even kidding. Well it took up a LOT of our kitchen. So, I decided to move out the small chest freezer and push the crate back into the corner. Counter space is a premium in our kitchen and that freezer provided about 2’ of extra space, so once it was gone I had to come up with something else.

Long story short, I had my brothers help me build a small counter section over the top of the crate.  This meant I got to bring out my mixer – it was a happy day!  However, the height of the new counter meant that I had to take down the cabinet that we built/hung to hide the outlet (see that here). That left me with a blank wall, and I do as well with blank walls as I do running marathons. No Bueno.

Once the counter was built and stained, and the walls painted (yet another project), I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING on that blank wall. I saw this really great display in a local antique mall where they hung up all different rug beaters…I had no idea but, they can be quite ornate. I don’t have any rug beaters, but it inspired me to put some empty picture frames to good use.

I lightly sanded and primed the frames then painted them the same color as the top cabinets, Valspar Asiago in gloss, and painted the glass with chalkboard paint…you guys should know by now how much I love a good chalkboard.  Check out the finished product!

Good news, Knox graduated and no longer needs the crate – I feel like I have a whole new kitchen!

His bed is actually made out of our old shower curtain -- durable fabric that repels water & dirt!

We look forward to sharing the abundance of projects that we've done/are still working on with you guys -- as always, it's a delight to hear what you've got going on in your lives, please share!!

Xoxo, Kate

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