06 February 2014

Taming Taz – Life as of Late

You would think that life would start to slow and ease back into a comfortable pace after the holidays. Not the case.  We've had a whirlwind of activity and are just starting to come up for air.  Hope you guys are ready for an action (and picture) packed blogisode!

Bathroom Details

Nick and I gutted and renovated the downstairs bathroom the middle of last year.  Once we got all of the big pieces in place (flooring, vanity, toilet and shower) I was pretty much burnt out.  So, up until now we’ve had a decent spans of empty wall – and it finally started REALLY bugging me.

Confession: I have a thing for clawfoot tubs. Seriously, I even had some of my bridal portraits snapped while in one – that same tub was also a “cooler” of sorts at our wedding. So, what better thing to decorate the walls with? Even if I can’t have one in this house, I’ll have a lot of them to look at!

My brother cut a bunch of 5x7 blocks of wood for me over the summer (for another project that I never got around to) and I was tired of those sitting in a closet collecting dust.  After sanding, painting, modpodging pictures to and poly-ing, I really like how the final result turned out!

Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom Wall Art


This bit of news has quite possibly made my year – my beautiful SIL and BIL just welcomed perfect little twin girls. Nick is obsessed and likely already wrapped around all of their little fingers, and toes. Reagan, Madison, mom & dad are all doing well, maybe a little sleep deprived, but happy & healthy! Let the spoiling begin – seriously, being an aunt has all the perks!

Hairbow Frame
A picture frame that I turned into a hairbow/band hanger for the nursery, love little girl stuff!

Dreaded Spindles

As you all know, my hate for the dark wood trim in our house has been well documented.  The spindles that separate the kitchen from the living room will eventually be torn down (I will relish that moment) however, they are load bearing and must remain until we are ready to reno the kitchen.  After consulting my partner in crime, we decided that they had to go...one way or another – so, they’ve been painted! I was really surprised that it made as much of a difference as it did.  The last of the dark wood that remains downstairs are the closet doors, and those are being replaced in the upcoming weeks.


Oh, my sweet little fur-child – the first time I ever posted a picture of Knox he was a petite 10lbs of wriggly soft fur. Now, he’s full into his crazy toddler years. At 53-lbs he has brought quite a lot of happiness into our lives, and endless entertainment. We must have lived an epically boring existence before we brought him home.

German Sheppard Puppy

German Sheppard Puppy

Christie & I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway – we’ll be convening at some point this weekend to get that squared away. We’ve basically been impossible to slow down and get our act together. I think we’ve reached that point though – so thanks for bearing with us!  Looking forward to bombarding you guys with our latest projects, happy Thursday!

Xoxo, Kate

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