18 February 2014

Building Blocks: Bookshelf Edition

Well, I am seriously over this snowy mess we have been having lately. Can a girl get a warm, sunny day up in here! Hello, Spring, I’m talking to you. The one upside? No excuse to not get house projects done. And we have had a few productive weeks.

One of the more drastic projects of late is building bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.  We wanted to add more character and storage to the family room and thought adding the bookshelves was the best way to achieve that.  The nice thing is is my dad has done several carpentry projects over the years, so he volunteered to help us. (Thankfully because we would have been a mess without him. We would have gotten it done, just would have taken about 100x longer!)

Another bonus of the bookshelves was being able to store our electronics and hide the wires.  I've already written about my excitement over this feat in this previous post. Oh glorious organization, I do love you! So neat and tidy.

After the boys were done with the construction, it was time to prime and paint. The bookshelves are all painted the same color as the trim in our house (Martha Stewart, Pure White.) And I feel like with our gray walls and painted fireplace it gives the family room a very cottage feel.

The most challenging part of the project for me? Accessorizing. I see all these beautifully layered, well-decorated shelves on Pinterest and it just looks effortless and beautiful. The minute I go to add my final touches? It looks like a very calculated, nonsensical mess. Not okay. But I've been playing around with the details and it is slowly coming together; not complete yet, but a work in progress!



The mirror went with the dresser that I have converted into our new kitchen island (so excited to bring you that post soon!) I painted it a random sample of paint I had stored in my closet and I think the color looks really nice against the gray walls and white bookshelf. The small mirror is an extra one my mom had and I had never put out.

I want to make these picture frames to go over this bookshelf.  

Hopefully you're warm & toasty wherever you are!

Xoxo, Christie

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