18 February 2014

Building Blocks: Bookshelf Edition

Well, I am seriously over this snowy mess we have been having lately. Can a girl get a warm, sunny day up in here! Hello, Spring, I’m talking to you. The one upside? No excuse to not get house projects done. And we have had a few productive weeks.

One of the more drastic projects of late is building bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.  We wanted to add more character and storage to the family room and thought adding the bookshelves was the best way to achieve that.  The nice thing is is my dad has done several carpentry projects over the years, so he volunteered to help us. (Thankfully because we would have been a mess without him. We would have gotten it done, just would have taken about 100x longer!)

06 February 2014

Taming Taz – Life as of Late

You would think that life would start to slow and ease back into a comfortable pace after the holidays. Not the case.  We've had a whirlwind of activity and are just starting to come up for air.  Hope you guys are ready for an action (and picture) packed blogisode!