02 January 2014

New Year’s Revolution: Rage against the Resolution

Happy New Year! I can remember where I was for Y2K, when everyone was prepping for the world to end. I was in my friend’s living room and her dad cut the power to the house. EVERYONE freaked out – but me. The ever over-analytical child, I’m like “why are the neighbor’s Christmas lights still kicking?” Crisis averted.

I understand the premise of setting New Year’s resolutions – to challenge yourself to become a better person, to improve your life…for two short weeks. That, my friends, is why instead of setting “resolutions” for myself…I’m revolting.

I've compiled a list of 5 things that I’m going to all out revolt against – enjoy!

Quick note – there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself to lose weight and get healthy. But a couple things – it needs to be done for you and no one else, and it needs to be done in a healthy way.  My problem with the word “diet” is that society has turned it into an unspeakable four letter word. True story, your “diet” is the summation of all the food you consume on a daily basis…not the foods or food groups that you eliminate.  So I’m revolting against the idea of a “diet” and embracing the challenge of lifestyle changes. Getting healthy isn’t something you can adopt until you hit your goal weight and then celebrate with oreos and cheeseburgers (hello, yo-yo). It’s something that you need to consciously do every day; in my case that means cooking healthier meals at home and less sitting on the couch watching NCIS & Castle marathons. I’ll step off my soap box now.

Negative Energy
There is nothing that can ruin your day faster than a black cloud of negativity. Instead of resolving to be a happier, friendlier more positive individual, I’m revolting against any source of negative energy – including myself.  Take stock of situations, people, thoughts and circumstances that cause negativity in your life and clean house.  Whether it is in your personal life or your professional life, we ALL know those people – the pissy Pollys, negative Nancys, Debbie downers, bitchy Bettys and world-is-ending Wandas. If you look back and find that you may lump yourself into one of those categories, do some soul searching. Find what makes you happy and embrace that change. Nothing ages you faster than a bad mood. I’m challenging myself to look for the silver lining and as my mom has drilled into my head, I’m going tackle those sources and “kill them with kindness.” Mom, I promise that it won’t be the sword that I've named “kindness”!!

Sweating the Small Stuff
I’m type A and anxious by nature. Seriously, those “keep calm” memes put me over the edge. My job is detail oriented and that works for the over-achiever in me. However, I’m pushing myself to scale back the level of ridiculousness in my personal life. The Queen of England is not coming to my house anytime soon and even if she did, I’m pretty sure that as a fellow dog lover, she wouldn’t take issue with a couple of paw/nose prints on the door/windows. There are more important things in life to worry about. Like the quality of your relationships and your level of self-satisfaction. Life is too short to worry about your kitchen floor being spotless.

This encompasses everything in my life, not just physical activity (which I admittedly need to do more of). I’m challenging myself to be a more consistently communicative friend – I’m AWFUL at staying in touch with people; to put more effort into meals – not necessarily making every meal as extravagant as Thanksgiving, but having meals at the table (not in front of the TV); to push my professional life. I’m one of those people that can’t stand settling, and I need to incorporate that same tenacity into all facets of my life.

Hyper Analyzing
If you were to look up “risk taker” in the dictionary I’m 99.9% sure my face would be displayed as the antithesis. I’m one of the most careful people I know, because in every situation (literally) I run through every possible outcome/consequence that could occur and then weigh my options, and THEN decide if I should participate or not. My parents were spoiled when I was going through my teenage years because I was not one to be a daredevil…in bed by 9 PM, hello!  I’m challenging myself to stop over-analyzing everything and to live more fully. That being said, I’m not jumping out of a plane – I would be swept up by a turbulent stream of East bound wind and deposited into the waiting mouth of Jaws never to be heard from or seen ever again.

That’s all folks! I gave myself 5 “revolutions” because I figure if it can fit on one hand, it must be hard to let go of. I hope you all had a great 2013 and are looking forward to an even better 2014. Christie and I are excited to see where 2014 takes Two Broke Wives and are blessed to have you all as part of our journey!

Love, Kate

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