18 December 2014

The News (and other stories)

HELLO!! I am so excited to be typing this post on my brand new Chromebook! Unfortunately, our MacBook that Kevin got back when we were still undergrads (was it really all that long ago? Yes, yes it was) finally bit the dust. It decided that it had charged long enough and took the eternal nap. 
Can we have a moment of silence?

26 August 2014

Take Tue and To-Do's

Kevin hates Pinterest. The day I found this marvelous “think tank” of ideas and inspiration, was a dark day for him. But whether he has enjoyed the extra undertakings or not, we have found some really great DIY projects for our fixer-upper house.

21 August 2014

Crafting Forgiveness: The Art of Growing Up & Letting Go

So, I know this is a completely different DIY project than we normally share with you guys, and I promise that next week we’ll be back to the normal program. But, events in the last week have caused me to reflect back on close to 28 years of breathing and take stock.  Recently, one of my grandparents passed away after a long, steady decline in health.  However, we weren’t close and I hadn’t seen him in about 12 years.  I’ve harbored a fair amount of anger toward this man for a better part of my life – not because he was causing me pain, but because his absence made one of my parents hurt.

20 August 2014

What the Wednesday.

And so begins the day where even the calendar goes WTF – that’s basically an accurate description of my entire week.  My apologies for dropping the ball on “Take Tue,” hopefully I’ll be gifted with an opporTUEnity to make it up to you guys (insert snarkling over nerd humor here).

14 August 2014

Oh My Cheesus – Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you’re in the unfortunate position of loving all things cheese and carbohydrates, then we’re on the same boat.  I’m not sure how the “starving artists” of Hollywood can refrain from consuming bread, I’d rather quit breathing. Kidding. That’s a little extreme.

In any case, I do tend to air on the side of health conscious. I blame it on my schooling. When you know the processes, consequences and outcome of every possible thing that you can put in your body, that greasy slice of pizza suddenly becomes less mouthwatering.

To combat my neurotic napkin-pizza-blotting tendencies, I decided to branch out on my own…check out the recipe after the jump!

12 August 2014

Take Tue: Cones and Construction

It’s Take Tue day!!! However, I don’t have a super fun post for you guys (worst person ever.) But I will fill you in on the 2 big reasons I am so unprepared…and I promise it’s not “the dog ate my homework” bit:

1. Yesterday Beau had to get the big (well in his case, little) snip done.  And I feel like the worst puppy parent ever. I know it has to be done, but seeing my normally happy-go-lucky boy so mopey and miserable, hurts my heart.

And since mister fussy couldn’t leave his sutures alone (even with the small cone), we upgraded to the Biggest. Cone. Ever.

Yes, you can laugh at his expense. I just wish everyone could see this circus in real life. Priceless.

2. Kevin and I have started our next big house reno project. Adding to our master bedroom a walk-in closet and bath. It’s going to be so nice once it is done, but, man, it is going to be a lot of work in the mean time.

One of the things I enjoy about new reno projects is learning new skills. Thus far I have become much better at mudding drywall (and considering I had never mudded before, I think it’s a grand improvement!)

We have framed in the two rooms and hung, taped, and mudded drywall for the closet. The next step will be sanding and painting the closet drywall then hang the closet organizers, and rough in the plumbing for the bathroom.

Be prepared for some pretty sweet pictures (do you know how hard it is to take pics of framing and drywall?! You really can’t tell what you’re looking at.) But nonetheless here they are!

You can see the doorframe leading into the new bathroom on the right side of the new stud wall.

View of bathroom from new closet.  The toilet will be on the right in front of the shelf and the shower on the left where all the crap is leaning. (Um p.s. found the closet door leaning against the wall at Lowes with frame, pre-hung, and painted white for $25. Score!) 

Closet. Please appreciate that drywall mud job. I think I may have a new career…not.

I am finishing up a really fun little project and hoping to share that with you guys next week! Until then, share what you guys have been working on. We always enjoy seeing your DIY projects and reno's!!

Xoxo, Christie

07 August 2014

Kindling Box Rescue: Mantle Headboard

 You may remember this “gem” of a mantle that I have been promising you (and myself) I would eventually turn into our headboard, but until now has ended up living a sad, half-finished life in our spider-y garage. Well I am pleased to announce it has officially made its way out of our garage and mounted over our bed. Loud cheers and high fives all around! Celebrate!

wood mantle

05 August 2014

Take Tue -- Potty Break

Not that kind of potty break – I promised you guys pictures of our renovated bathroom! It’s still a work in progress, so for now I’m taking you tue (hah, see what I did there?) our new, non-blue-gross shower! Other parts of the bathroom will be posted later!

Originally our bathroom re-design involved a pre-fab corner shower with one showerhead. Well, once we re-did the layout for the umpteenth time we decided that a corner shower wouldn’t do. After a trip to Lowe’s that decision was confirmed…so small! We decided to dream big, and boy – am I glad we did.

29 July 2014

Take Tue: Life Off the Game Board

I feel like I’m always sharing remodels and DIY projects with you, but only tidbits of what’s going on in “other news.” So for this edition of Take Tue, I thought I’d count down a few fun things that Kevin and I have been up to this summer!

24 July 2014


The idea of being self-sufficient has always appealed to me. I like the notion of being confident in mine and Kevin’s abilities and knowledge to (at least partially) be able to provide for ourselves. With that being said, I noticed that for as much as I admire that concept, we weren't really doing anything to achieve that goal.

It was time to change that. Maybe not a huge move-somewhere-with-no-people-and-start-a-completely-self-sufficient-compound-ready-for-the-zombie-apocalypse kinda way, but baby steps. 

22 July 2014

Take Tue: Teaser Time

Wow, that’s a lot of alliteration – sorry! Christie and I have decided that we’ll be taking Tuesdays to do a weekly segment that we’ll now refer to as “Take Tue.”  It’s not going to be about any one thing in particular, so hang on for what’s sure to be a crazy ride.

17 July 2014

The Story of a Crate, a Counter and a Chalkboard

I’m just going to go ahead and state the obvious – my life is a legit circus.  2014 has been a crazy year for Nick and me so far, and I’m looking forward to it slowing down a little bit. I've been living in a construction zone since the end of February and I, for one, am ready to not have a project going on.

You guys better screenshot this post just for evidence…because the chances of that happening are about the same as parka cloaked pigs flying through an arctic glazed hell.

15 July 2014

Scandal(ess): From the Bar to the Bedroom

When Kevin and I moved into our house, the previous owners left several items behind that we have used in various ways. One of those left-behind goodies is this pair of barstools:

11 July 2014

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

We are finally setting up a page on Bloglovin' so you can follow Two Broke Wives there. If you have have the app, add us! If not, you can follow us by clicking on the title of this post. This will just make it easier for you to keep up to date with all of our new posts plus you will find lots of other awesome blogs to check out!


Xoxo, Kate and Christie

10 July 2014

Des(s)ert Island

Welcome back to our crazy, fun, frustrating, but always entertaining journey of DIYs and house renos!! We have missed you guys! We have been {busy,busy,busy} with a multitude of projects . . . some small, some big. And we can’t wait to share them all with you.

18 February 2014

Building Blocks: Bookshelf Edition

Well, I am seriously over this snowy mess we have been having lately. Can a girl get a warm, sunny day up in here! Hello, Spring, I’m talking to you. The one upside? No excuse to not get house projects done. And we have had a few productive weeks.

One of the more drastic projects of late is building bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.  We wanted to add more character and storage to the family room and thought adding the bookshelves was the best way to achieve that.  The nice thing is is my dad has done several carpentry projects over the years, so he volunteered to help us. (Thankfully because we would have been a mess without him. We would have gotten it done, just would have taken about 100x longer!)

06 February 2014

Taming Taz – Life as of Late

You would think that life would start to slow and ease back into a comfortable pace after the holidays. Not the case.  We've had a whirlwind of activity and are just starting to come up for air.  Hope you guys are ready for an action (and picture) packed blogisode!

15 January 2014

Globetrotting Kitchen Crusader: From the Alps to the House

You’re probably wondering if TBW even does projects anymore because it has been that long since a project post….well, the answer is a big, fat YES! Let me tell you, the month of December/January has been nuts. Being the worrywart I am, I didn't want to mention anything before these events happened. You never know what crazy people are out there in the internet world.

From December 19 to January 7, I was only home two nights. I was a regular ol’ globetrotter. The list goes Chapel Hill, Lumberton, Seaford, Switzerland (WHAT?!), Myrtle Beach, and Charleston. I won’t bore you with a bunch of trip details, but I will leave you with these few pictures from our gallivanting across the Swiss Alps…

09 January 2014

Schooled: Renovation Style

Here’s to hoping 2014 is off to a great start for everyone! Thought we would share some humor (mainly at our own expense) for all of you DIY Divas (or dudes) out there. If you’ve ever gone through a remodel, you can probably relate to most of the things on this list – and if you’re just dipping your toe into the pool of renovation…buckle up.

02 January 2014

New Year’s Revolution: Rage against the Resolution

Happy New Year! I can remember where I was for Y2K, when everyone was prepping for the world to end. I was in my friend’s living room and her dad cut the power to the house. EVERYONE freaked out – but me. The ever over-analytical child, I’m like “why are the neighbor’s Christmas lights still kicking?” Crisis averted.

I understand the premise of setting New Year’s resolutions – to challenge yourself to become a better person, to improve your life…for two short weeks. That, my friends, is why instead of setting “resolutions” for myself…I’m revolting.