30 December 2013

Wrapping Up the Holidays: Fun Facts

What a fun-crazy-beautiful time of the year Christmas is! I hope that you were able to spend your time much like I did -- surrounded with fun, family and laughter.

With the holiday season and 2013 coming to a close, I thought I'd take a minute to share with you guys some fun little facts about how my family spends the holidays and what some of our family traditions are -- hope you enjoy!

1.  Favorite Christmas Song: O Holy Night sung by Josh Groban.

2.  Top 3 Christmas movies I have to watch every year: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (yes, the cartoon version!), A Charlie Brown Christmas, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

3.  A fun Christmas memory from childhood: Growing up we had cathedral ceilings which meant we could get 14ft+ Christmas trees. So Mom, Dad, Brett (my brother) and I would take a day and go to this tree farm (more like a forest) and pick that year’s winner. We had an Astro van we would cram this tree into (my brother and I riding home literally sitting on the tree cause there was no room left in the van.) Then dad would work his magic getting the tree into the house and standing up (a lot of times with the help of ropes.) Best year? When we picked one that unknowingly had a family of praying mantises living in it. Baby mantis' everywhere!

4.  Favorite Christmas Tradition: We actually have several traditions I look forward to every year, but up near the top of that list is the Christmas Eve party my parents throw.  A big family get together with food, games, and white elephant gift exchange? How could you not look forward to that holiday rowdiness?!

 This is my granddaddy at last year’s Christmas Eve shenanigans…things get wild!

5.  When do you open presents? We are an early-Christmas-morning-present-opening family. And I do mean early. But we do get one present on Christmas Eve…our Christmas pajamas!

6.  Christmas Task I enjoy: wrapping presents. I love picking out pretty paper and ribbon and making the gifts look extra festive sitting under the tree. I am so particular about present wrapping the only gift Kevin gets to wrap is the one he’s giving me. OCD present lady? Yes, I proudly am!

 7.  Christmas Task I don’t like doing: Christmas cards. And it’s not like I don’t love them because I do. Getting a little Christmas “hello” in the mail is always fun. I just don’t enjoy doing them. Maybe I’m so preoccupied with wrapping I neglect my cards?

8.  Thoughtful present: My dad is really good at pencil drawings.  So one year for Christmas he drew me a picture of my cat I had in college, but unfortunately got hit by a car (I know this is a very depressing story for being a Christmas post and all…) BUT I am so glad I have that picture because it makes me happy every time I see it and having had Dad draw it makes it that much better!

9.  Easiest person to shop for: Kevin! Hands down. This year I had to actively tell myself to stop getting him presents because it was getting out of hand.

10.  Real or fake tree? REAL! I guess growing up with those monsters of a Christmas tree made me love having a real tree to decorate. The smell, the fun of picking the “right one”, having a different one every year. Love it. Extra-fun bonus fact: our tree has a woodland theme to it. Lots of birds and owls and such. I am such a dork!

 11.  We have a lot of celebrating this time of year. Not only is it Christmas, but my brother’s birthday is the 20th and both my cousin’s and Kevin’s birthday is the 23rd. Basically we are party animals for a week!

12.  Do you still believe in Santa? ABSOLUTELY!

Wishing you all nothing but the best for 2014!!

Xoxo, Christie

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  1. Experienced the same little Mathias in our forest found tree! What fun!