04 December 2013

Double Take: Lane Cedar Chest

At the end of September, I wrote a post about buying a Lane Cedar trunk from a yard sale – see here.  It found a new home at the end of our bed (which has been moved upstairs to the guest bedroom because we got a new mattress!!), but it needed some sprucing up. Hello makeover time!

I started by lightly sanding the trunk, wiped it down, and then used a tack cloth to make sure all the left-behind dust was off before I started painting. I put on one coat of primer and after that was completely dry, I applied three coats of Valspar Premium paint in Pantone Timber Wolf (it’s such a pretty neutral!) letting each coat dry completely before I applied the next coat. Between each coat of paint I lightly sanded using a FINE grit sand block. Obviously don’t sand after your final coat.

The next step in the process was a little trickier. I wanted to put a monogram on the top, but could not find a stencil that I was happy with (and I don’t have one of those cool machines that make sweet stencils. Sad I know.) Last weekend when I was at Hobby Lobby I found these decorative letters that I ended up tracing.
After they were traced, I filled them in by hand with Valspar Ultra paint in Madison Avenue that matches the color of the bed frame. Tedious much? Yes…especially since I have zero artistic ability and felt like I was going to mess the whole thing up at any second, BUT I love the way it turned out!

(Please excuse the sad looking pillows…with an extra bed now there are no pillows to fill the shams. What a sham-ful situation! See what I did there? Biggest dork ever.)

My next piece of furniture I am going to attack is an old dresser and mirror that my mom gave to me. I haven’t exactly finalized my game plan for that project, but as always you all will be kept in the loop!  

Also, for a little holiday cheer check out this light display near my parent’s house. I think it gives Clark Griswold a run for his money!

Xoxo, Christie


  1. I can not believe you smothered a beautiful piece of mid century hardwood furniture in paint and stencils and you think they pillows are sad?? . Are you drunk?????

  2. So cute. Stealing ur monogram idea for my project.