02 December 2013

Dog Days: Dining Room Makeover

Holy hiatus – my life is no longer my own.

Nick and I decided after much thought and debate over our schedules that we were ready for a fur-child. So, the week before Thanksgiving (great timing right?) we got to bring home our little man!  I feel like a new mom; sleep deprived and wide eyed.  A good day is now defined by my ability to dress myself in matching socks and remembering to apply deodorant.

Please prepare yourself for the excited photobomb…Knox!

He’s grown like a weed since we’ve gotten him; he’s 8 weeks and 18 lbs. A galloping bundle of energy with paws the size of my hand. Love him!

Okay, enough about wild man – time to clue you guys in on my latest project (celebrate – it’s finished), the dining room makeover! I felt that since we were hosting Thanksgiving at our house, the room needed a facelift. It was dark & depressing and didn’t reflect our personal style at all. Brace yourself for the before shots:

The toughest part was figuring out the color for the walls – I don’t have a great picture that accurately allows you to visualize the awfulness that was TEXTURED walls. Yeah, same texture as the ceiling…had to go! I opted to go for a soft gray, Valspar Filtered Shade, in a satin finish.  The texture combined with the previously applied flat paint made cleaning a nightmare.  With the light sheen that satin paint provides, it’s a LOT easier to wipe down – and ease my OCD tendencies. Bonus: it now looks like textured wallpaper.

The paneling added a lot of character, but contributed to the cavesque feeling -- so many of the details, like the chair rail and double crown-molding were lost because it was so dark.  So after priming it with high bonding primer, it was painted white.

The dining room set was from my parents – the lines are great, but the fabric needed to be updated.  Royal blue is our accent color (I’m obsessed) so the fabric reflects that. It took about 4 days to recover 10 chairs.  
Check out the finished product:

Hope everyone had a fun (and filling) Thanksgiving filled with family, friends & laughter!

Xoxo, Kate

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