30 December 2013

Wrapping Up the Holidays: Fun Facts

What a fun-crazy-beautiful time of the year Christmas is! I hope that you were able to spend your time much like I did -- surrounded with fun, family and laughter.

With the holiday season and 2013 coming to a close, I thought I'd take a minute to share with you guys some fun little facts about how my family spends the holidays and what some of our family traditions are -- hope you enjoy!

04 December 2013

Double Take: Lane Cedar Chest

At the end of September, I wrote a post about buying a Lane Cedar trunk from a yard sale – see here.  It found a new home at the end of our bed (which has been moved upstairs to the guest bedroom because we got a new mattress!!), but it needed some sprucing up. Hello makeover time!

02 December 2013

Dog Days: Dining Room Makeover

Holy hiatus – my life is no longer my own.

Nick and I decided after much thought and debate over our schedules that we were ready for a fur-child. So, the week before Thanksgiving (great timing right?) we got to bring home our little man!  I feel like a new mom; sleep deprived and wide eyed.  A good day is now defined by my ability to dress myself in matching socks and remembering to apply deodorant.

Please prepare yourself for the excited photobomb…Knox!