18 November 2013

Abra Kadabra! -- Disappearing Wires Act

Happy Monday, everyone!! This weekend was a very successful “getting things done” weekend.  My mom and dad came up and helped us start to build the bookcases on either side of the fireplace. I was hoping to get them both done because I am so ready for that space to be complete (finishing a room would feel so good), but unfortunately it just didn't happen. However, the boys were able to get the one built that hides all those stupid wires – I mean honestly how many wires does it take for a TV to work; apparently a lot.

While mom and I started to knock out some Christmas shopping (I LOVE this time of year. Christmas nerd I am), the boys worked hard framing in the left bookshelf – the one housing our electronic equipment. At first we thought about making them the height of the mantle, but in the end decided to make them the height of the half wall thinking the height difference will make it more interesting.

For the wires we actually had to leave a gap between the back wall of the shelving unit and the dry wall to feed the wires behind. Then we cut a hole in the back of the unit to attach the wires to the numerous devices and a hole in the bottom to get to the power outlet.

So many wires!!

For the final touches, we added molding around the top to match the molding on the half wall, baseboard on the bottom to match the baseboard on the wall, and quarter round on the edge where the unit meets the fireplace to give it a cleaner, more custom look.

Some of the detail work is not finished yet (molding is not easy to cut with all the angles and whatnot) but you’ll get the idea. My next step is going to be priming and painting the bookshelf which will be the same white as the trim.



Faux End:

I can’t wait to give y’all a final update once both bookshelves are done and painted! 

Xoxo, Christie

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