07 October 2013

Workspace [Upcycle]: Recover Your Chair

Where does the time go?!  Nick and I have plunged head first into getting our home ready to host some (quickly) approaching holiday festivities – which means my “wish list” of things I want done before thanksgiving has been growing longer by the minute.

Our office has been a point of contention, catch-all, and close-the-door-don’t-look kind of room since we moved in.  At this point, it’s been about a year, we need to start getting it together!  The bookshelves are built, of which will be another post once they are organized…still trying to find the boxes of books!

Our desk chair was craving some love. It was pretty gross; no padding…it needed a facelift.  Since I’m cheap thrifty, I decided to just take a stab at a little bit of cosmetic surgery myself.

How to Recover an Office Chair

What you’ll Need
Staple Gun
Spray Paint

       Tip the chair over and check to see where everything attaches.  Take pictures during each step so you’ll have a reference of where things need to go back! Then disassemble the pieces of the chair.

Recover Your Office Chair

If needed, cut a piece of foam to match the shape of the back support and seat.  Side note: before I tossed our old outdoor seat cushions I cut the foam out of them and saved it – that stuff can get $$$.

Recover Your Office Chair

Cut enough fabric to fully cover the portions that you want to reupholster.  I opted to leave the old fabric on.  I don’t have yardage amounts; I recycled part of a sheet that I had hemmed.

Recover Your Office Chair

Note: from this point it was impossible to take pictures of my progress -- I needed both hands!!

Staple the center of each side of the seat/back support pulling the fabric snug.  This helps to keep any extra padding from moving.

Pull and staple…keep stapling – lots of staples.

When you get to the “corners” pull and staple the center of the corner first, and then fold/staple the outer edges as you please. Hammer all the staples once you have everything attached to ensure they are flush.

Once you’re done stapling the new fabric to the seat/back support take the frame outside to spray paint it – if you want to go that route.  If not, reassemble.

Make sure that the pieces are free of dirt/grease.

Spray in smooth sweeping motions – 2 to 3 light coats ought to do it!

Recover Your Office ChairRecover Your Office Chair

Let everything dry. Once dry, reassemble!

Recover Your Office ChairRecover Your Office Chair

Recover Your Office Chair

This is more or less a “condensed” version, if you get knee deep in the project and need suggestions or help, please feel free to email us – we respond quickly!

Enjoy, and happy Monday (is there such a thing?!?)

Xoxo, Kate

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