22 October 2013

This Little Piggy [Became a Magnet]

It’s been a hot minute since we've posted anything – oops! October has been a busy month for us with celebrating anniversaries, life, work, etc.  Lots of big projects going on – which I hope to post soon, it’s all those little finishing touches that hold things up [UGH]!

Long story short I have a thing with pigs, which may or may not have something to do with the fact that I looked like the spawn of the Michelin Man when I was born. You know; fat baby problems.  Anyways, my mom gave me pig corn spears when we moved into our home, super cute! Too bad we didn't use them until July and when we did, one of the spears came out.  I wasn't really keen on that ending up in someone’s hand or mouth…why not re-purpose them? DONE!

I love magnets. I suppose because I like having smiley faced pictures up around my house and office and magnets don’t require that I put holes in the walls – because I  never get that right on the first go!  So I pulled all of the tines out with needle nose pliers and then used liquid nails glue to secure coin magnets to the back.  Shortest.Project.Ever.

Cute, right?

On a personal note, Nick and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary – so exciting.  What a fun year it has been, we snuck out to the mountains and enjoyed some wineries (and the scenery)!

Hope that you all have been up to lots of fun stuff – keep us posted, and we PROMISE to get our acts together!

Xoxo, Kate

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