31 October 2013

Mantle Magic: Disappearing Wire(s) Act!

Well, it’s almost November. (What?!) Not sure how October has just gotten away from us, but it has. House projects are still getting done….blog posts, not so much. The big thing I have been focusing on lately is our stairs, but I don’t want to give you a sneak peek; you are just going to have to wait for the finished product!

BUT here is a small update on the whole fireplace/TV/bookshelf project we are still working on. I don’t know if you remember way back in June I did a fireplace facelift post where I briefly talked about future plans I had for that area at the end of the post. Well we finally got around to mounting the TV and hiding the wires in the mantle.



To mount the TV we bought a mount from Sam’s, TapCon concrete screws, and a TapCon bit meant for drilling in concrete and brick from Lowes. Assemble the mount. Use your Tapcon bit to drill holes where you want to hang the mount. Attach the mount in the pre-drilled holes using your TapCon screws.

To remove the mantle, use small pry bars. Hopefully, the cleat (which holds the mantle in place) doesn’t come off with your mantle…unfortunately ours did – is it ever easy?! So we removed the nails from the cleat, drilled pilot holes with the TapCon bit, and attached it back using TapCon screws. Next we drilled a small hole in the top and bottom of the mantle (the middle of the mantle is already hollow so no need to worry about that) and put it back in the fireplace. Make sure when you are drilling the hole for the wires in the top of the mantle you do it in a place where the TV will hide it so no messiness is seen!

Final step, put your TV on the mount and feed the wires through the holes in the mantle. We now have a nice, neat (my OCD self is rejoicing), mounted TV above our mantle. WooHoo!!

The next step in the project will be to build bookshelves on either side of the fireplace to house our DVD player and other devices (and hide those wires as well) plus it will add some interest and more places for me to display pictures (our house is filled with family pics. I love them!)

On a random side note, yesterday I went for a huge change, cutting 9+ inches off my hair. I have been growing out my hair since high school...still getting trims to clean up the ends, but no substantial length off. But I decided I wanted a change and Kevin has been pestering that he wanted to see me with shorter hair, so I did it! I almost had a panic attack when I saw it for the first time, but I think it will be a fun change.

From long (and last Halloween which I thought was appropriate)….

To short…

Happy Thursday and be safe trick-or-treating!!

Xoxo, Christie


  1. Love it, both the mantle description & your hair! Happy Halloween ^^)

  2. The TV wires idea is genius! And you look AMAZING with this short hair.... I haven't considered cutting mine, but I now may want to do it... I didn't even realize how much I need a change until I saw your last picture;-)))