26 September 2013

Treasure Hunting: Yard Sale Edition

Today we are going to talk about yard sale-ing. I love it. Searching, hunting, finding that forgotten treasure and then making it shine again. I think a mix of new and old pieces make a home comfortable and “lived in.” 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love (love love love) shopping for new things for the house. Hello, Homegoods is like my favorite store ever! But there’s something about the stories and the details and the character of old pieces.  And when you can take that oldness and make it fit again; there’s nothing better!

Here are my tips for scavenging:

1. Not everything that is old is worth saving. In other words, another man’s trash is NOT always another man’s treasure. Just because they are selling it doesn't not mean it is worth buying. Sometimes you just have to say something had a nice life and let it rest in peace. So before buying a piece really think “is this quality? Can I see enough potential that it’s worth fixing it up? Do I really love the piece or do I just want to buy something?”

2. And along those same lines…fixing old things up does take money. Even though in most cases it will be less expensive than buying new, there is still money involved. So before buying that fill in the blank you have to have…think if you really want to invest more money than that $15 price tag. If the answer is “no,” “I’m not sure,” or “eh,” walk away. There will be another piece that you will be willing to invest in.

3. BUT it’s not always about making a return on your investment. If you love whatever you are looking at buying, it’s in your price range, and you have a purpose for it, I say who cares if it is an heirloom or a hidden nest egg or worth thousands of dollars…you are investing in these pieces for yourself, so enjoy it!

4. Don’t look at pieces with rose color glasses. Better yet, bring a friend along who will give you an honest opinion. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our vision we overlook the missing drawer or that mold. Be realistic and know what your limits are when it comes to rehabbing. Just because you love it does not mean you can handle the makeover. So keep those emotional ties at bay until you buy it…then fall madly, deeply in love.

5. Finally, remember to enjoy yourself. That’s the whole reason to do this! If it’s a chore or overwhelming or you don’t see the benefit in revamping the oldness then yard sale-ing is not your thing…and that is 100% okay!!

What prompted me to write this post was my find at a yard sale last weekend. For awhile now I have wanted a chest to put at the end of our bed. I love the look and extra storage is just an added bonus.
Well my neighbor told me about a big sale going on at the front of our neighborhood and of course I couldn't stay away. Good thing too because they had an awesome Lane cedar hope chest that was screaming my name. 

Cedar Chest

Cedar ChestCedar Chest
 The $45 price tag was in my range so I grabbed it. While mid-century modern is not usual my thing, I loved the size and it was in great shape. It fits so well at the foot of our bed...I can’t wait to get it cleaned up and painted! Stay tuned for the finished product J

So this Saturday put your comfy shoes on, grab a friend and your favorite morning beverage (just sayin’), and go find a piece that speaks to you!

Xoxo, Christie

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