19 September 2013

Stairway to...Heaven?

I’m not sure if it’s because I have DIY ADD or if I’m just crazy, but it seems like I always start a project before I finish the previous one. Thus I end up living in a permanent “this will be nice once it’s done” state. Perfect example: our staircase, this past weekend.

Before we moved in the previous owners put new carpet in. It’s pretty lackluster and inexpensive, but it was new and there wasn't a lot of it (our master bedroom, the downstairs hallway, and the staircase) so we figured we could live with it. Well our indifference has turned to distaste. Especially when it comes to painting the baseboards because it is shag carpet AKA a pain in the butt to paint around. So I have been painting trim, I get to our staircase and decided you know I don’t like the carpet and I HATE painting around it…maybe there is hardwood under it and I’ll just rip it up!

I ripped up the first step of carpet and what do you know?! Hardwood, with nice bullnose molding. Perfect (see ya later carpet!) It was as if a deranged carpet-hating crazed woman took over me and next thing you know I have a pile of carpet and padding in the middle of my family room. My poor, unassuming husband who was mowing the grass comes inside – let’s just say he was slightly surprised. But he is always supportive and agreed he would rather have hardwood and gave me the green light (I mean what was he going to do? Put all the padding and carpet back? I think not.)

Fun side note: that pink towel is there to keep our kitty from eating strings from the carpet. Our cat has an obsession (and it is truly an obsession) with eating any and all strings, including our hair. We still adore her and all of her weirdness.

What a pain in the butt this stair project turned out to be. Minus the one million staples and nails that I had to remove from the stairs, the carpet tack strips fought back with vengeance. But in the end everything was removed.  I used our hand sander to get dry wall mud and surface scratches off. One small hiccup: we have to replace the bullnose trim (or lack there of) on some of the steps since whoever installed the carpet cut corners after the first 4 steps.  Let me show you.

Done correctly (and the ones I checked to see what was underneath the carpet):

 Done incorrectly (the ones I found after ripping all the carpet and padding up):

Stairs sans carpet:

Once we fix the molding, I am going to use wood fill to fix any deep scratches or holes and then sand again for a nice smooth surface. Finally I am going to prime the stairs and paint them. I haven’t exactly figured out the color scheme I want to achieve on them, but I have some ideas. If any of you have painted your stairs before, I would love to hear what colors you used and how they came out!

I am going to try to finish this project up this weekend (so I can get back to painting the rest of the baseboards) so I will let you know how it turns out soon! Stay tuned – especially since this weekend my parents are coming up to help us knock several projects off the to-do list J

Xoxo, Christie

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