10 September 2013

Long Live Your Paint Brush! [Life Extending Tips]

Okay everybody bear with me on this post. Maybe it is all of the paint fumes, but I had a light bulb moment and thought I would share my discovery with all of you. (And please if this is common knowledge and EVERYBODY already uses one of these….just let me be blissfully ignorant of my, well, ignorance.) See we – and by “we” I obviously mean me and mom, because Kevin dislikes loathes painting – have been doing a copious amount of painting and I feel like my paint brush cleaning has declined drastically since we first started (the clean up is the part I hate the most.) With that decline, I felt like I was starting to go through paintbrushes at a rate that our wallets could not keep up with.

Enter the paint comb. I had never heard or better yet never taken the time to know what one of these was, but let me tell you, our paintbrushes are rejoicing because they are no longer dying a slow death. It is a simple tool so don’t get too excited everybody, but here it is:

Paint Comb

The idea behind it is to clean out all the gunk that gets left behind after rinsing and to help keep the shape of the brush.

How to properly clean your brush (or at least how we do it):
-Rinse off the brush (not over the sink because you aren't supposed to wash paint down the drain)
-Fill a cup with warm water and add a little bit of dishwasher soap. Swirl the brush around.
-Once the brush is clean, get the excess water off by either flicking or spinning the brush between your palms.
-Here comes the paint comb (!!!!!) take the comb and run it through the bristles.
-Finally hand on a nail/peg/hook to dry or lay flat.

Bam…brush as good as new.

And now that painting is finally getting finished, I got to hang our first picture in the new house! Success (remember to celebrate the small victories!)




Painted Living Room

Xoxo, Christie

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