04 September 2013

Kitchen Mutiny: Dishwasher Gone Wild

I’m fairly sure that my house launched a protest against school starting this weekend.  My dishwasher had a tantrum.  Typically we run our “fresh out of 1984” dishwasher at night, because it sounds like NASA is setting up shop in our kitchen.

Well at 5a on Saturday morning, our over-achieving student was STILL running.  At some point between 10p and 5a it got stuck on rinse.  So our water ran for about 8 hours straight.  Lovely.

Luckily we didn’t experience any flooding in our kitchen – someone was smiling down on us!  So at 5:30a on Saturday we were browsing Lowes.com and Homedepot.com for new dishwashers.  The one that we wanted (and may or may not have been price stalking for some time) was on sale at both locations – however, we learned that you can’t buy online and pick up in store at Home Depot.  Sorry team orange --- looks like team blue is here to stay.

Promo code queen here! In case you have to buy something from lowes.com that’s over $250, try this sweet nugget for $25 off: 470000000027891.  Two hours later the talented hubs had it installed and in working order – my hero!

Whirlpool Dishwasher

My parents came up to help us cross some stuff off of our ever growing “to do” list – yeah, we labored on Labor Day weekend.  Nick and my dad fixed the back door, long story – no shims.  Re-caulked the chimney and fixed the front gutter (wasn’t hung at the right level). 

My mom and I tackled the flowerbeds – which entailed creating a new one around the concrete patio – it was just bleh.  We yanked all of the plants from the back center bed, it just wasn’t doing too hot, and we decided we’d rather have grass there anyways.  The “before” picture is while we were having trees removed…yeah.

Ugly Patio

Pretty Patio

The beds around the house we extended by about a foot and moved around some other plants to make way for a full-fledged poison ivy war.  Glorious.

Updated Flowerbed

Looks so bright and cheery now! So now that school’s back in session, TBW has followed suite.  Thanks for bearing with us during our summer hiatus.  Please continue to share your DIY ideas and questions with us, we love it!

Xoxo, Kate

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  1. Fruits of our labor, think we should have posted the dual umbrellas or your racer back sun burn lol!!!