26 September 2013

Treasure Hunting: Yard Sale Edition

Today we are going to talk about yard sale-ing. I love it. Searching, hunting, finding that forgotten treasure and then making it shine again. I think a mix of new and old pieces make a home comfortable and “lived in.” 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love (love love love) shopping for new things for the house. Hello, Homegoods is like my favorite store ever! But there’s something about the stories and the details and the character of old pieces.  And when you can take that oldness and make it fit again; there’s nothing better!

Here are my tips for scavenging:

24 September 2013

Plate Up The Panache: Croutons & Roasted Tomatoes

I've been on a food kick lately.  Making and eating the same meals every week can become all kinds of boring.  Maybe you have a big dinner party coming up, a special date or your in-laws are coming to town and you want to add some panache to your plates.  If you’re looking for a couple of easy (read: cheap) ways to bring your food flavor to a new level, check out these tips!

20 September 2013

Light on the Subject: Back Splash Glam

I want to start off by saying that TBW’s thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of the shooting in DC. A horrific, senseless act. We pray they feel the support the country is sending their way.

This past weekend (as promised) a lot of progress was made at mi casa! And what I am really excited to share with you today is the kitchen progress. We have a back splash!!!! And a new light fixture!!!! (I really hope my excitement is projecting through this blog post.) The reason I’m so thrilled is because we have done a lot of high-impact projects (painting, new appliances, new counter-tops), but these last two projects have really pulled everything together. We still have some work left, but I can see the finish line….at least in the kitchen…

19 September 2013

Stairway to...Heaven?

I’m not sure if it’s because I have DIY ADD or if I’m just crazy, but it seems like I always start a project before I finish the previous one. Thus I end up living in a permanent “this will be nice once it’s done” state. Perfect example: our staircase, this past weekend.

Before we moved in the previous owners put new carpet in. It’s pretty lackluster and inexpensive, but it was new and there wasn't a lot of it (our master bedroom, the downstairs hallway, and the staircase) so we figured we could live with it. Well our indifference has turned to distaste. Especially when it comes to painting the baseboards because it is shag carpet AKA a pain in the butt to paint around. So I have been painting trim, I get to our staircase and decided you know I don’t like the carpet and I HATE painting around it…maybe there is hardwood under it and I’ll just rip it up!

13 September 2013

Ladies, Grab Your Tramp: Meatball Recipe

I love food – whew, feels good to finally confess!  Cooking and baking are hobbies of mine.  However, it seems that a disdain for authority has even injected itself into this particular vein of my life…recipes are merely suggested starting points in my book.  Chat with my husband and he’ll say that I have a “penchant for wanting to make things my own.” Probably a nice way of saying I have issues!

Anyways, the other night I really wanted Italian food.  We’ve been trying to be more health conscious so first thing scratched off the list was eating out.  That’s like death to a carb lover. SOOOO, I decided to make my own version of meatballs.

Disclaimer: I’m not a pinch Italian, and while this may seem like re-inventing the wheel, it was quick & easy – make it your own :)

10 September 2013

Long Live Your Paint Brush! [Life Extending Tips]

Okay everybody bear with me on this post. Maybe it is all of the paint fumes, but I had a light bulb moment and thought I would share my discovery with all of you. (And please if this is common knowledge and EVERYBODY already uses one of these….just let me be blissfully ignorant of my, well, ignorance.) See we – and by “we” I obviously mean me and mom, because Kevin dislikes loathes painting – have been doing a copious amount of painting and I feel like my paint brush cleaning has declined drastically since we first started (the clean up is the part I hate the most.) With that decline, I felt like I was starting to go through paintbrushes at a rate that our wallets could not keep up with.

Enter the paint comb. I had never heard or better yet never taken the time to know what one of these was, but let me tell you, our paintbrushes are rejoicing because they are no longer dying a slow death. It is a simple tool so don’t get too excited everybody, but here it is:

04 September 2013

Kitchen Mutiny: Dishwasher Gone Wild

I’m fairly sure that my house launched a protest against school starting this weekend.  My dishwasher had a tantrum.  Typically we run our “fresh out of 1984” dishwasher at night, because it sounds like NASA is setting up shop in our kitchen.

Well at 5a on Saturday morning, our over-achieving student was STILL running.  At some point between 10p and 5a it got stuck on rinse.  So our water ran for about 8 hours straight.  Lovely.