06 August 2013

Island Time: Playing Catch-up!

The most frustrating part of summer is the fact that it seems time speeds up and one day it’s June 1st and then you wake up and it’s the middle of August. (What?! Wait a second though there’s still so much I want to do in these gloriously warm, lazy days!) This summer has proved to be no different. It’s as if the heat melts the days together and before I even realized it here we are in August. So I guess you could say that Two Broke Wives has been on a sort of summer hiatus with projects and celebrations and one fabulous beach vacay to Fripp Island! But as Fall quickly approaches we are back to our normal posting. So hope all you DIY divas have had a summer filled with family, friends, and fantastic projects!

Before I share with you the microwave project (yes the microwave is off of the kitchen floor), I thought I would just do a quick recap of some summer activities we have been up to – besides golf and work and junk!

- I WENT PADDLE BOARDING! There are two things I have wanted (and been actively bugging Kevin) to do: zip lining and paddle boarding. While we were down on Fripp Island we decided to do a two-hour paddle board tour of the surrounding marsh (we saw dolphins and a shark.) It was so fun and relaxing and a fabulous workout. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

- We have been overjoyed preparing and celebrating with my brother and his wife who are having their first baby in August. I am going to be an aunt for the first time! And I can’t wait!!!

- As Kevin continues to do things that I enjoy doing (cough cough paddle boarding…although he thoroughly enjoyed it so…) and I try to do things that he is interested in as well. And this summer that activity would be fishing. I got to go to Bass Pro and pick out a rod/reel combo (uhh hello pink sparkly one) and we got to it. Now I have fished before, but nothing serious and I caught my first “real” fish. Yay for fresh, yummy seafood!

Okay enough of that non-sense on to the microwave! Our house did not have a microwave so it wasn’t just taking out the old one and putting in a new one…there was some serious cabinet fixing that needed to be done.

BEFORE: These before pics are not fantastic, but at least you can get an idea.

The cabinet on the LEFT is where the microwave went.

The opening above the stove was wide enough just not tall enough so the boys cut the bottom of the cabinet out. They reconfigured the shelves and mounted the microwave. Then they took the original doors and cut them to the new opening size rounding the cut edge to make it look like all the other cabinets. Now all we have to do is attach the doors and bam new microwave! (By the way, always check the scratch-and-dent section at Lowes/Home Depot. Our microwave came from Lowes for $100 because it was missing the mounting bracket. We ordered one off-line for $8. AKA our microwave only cost us $108!)

AFTER: minus the doors.

 I’ll do an update when we put them on (its summer, we are on vacation time!)

Our next project (besides the endless painting) is tiling the kitchen floor! So stay tuned for that. If you have any DIY questions or want to share any projects with us, comment or email us and we will be happy to get back with you! Enjoy these last few summer days.

Xoxo, Christie

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