13 August 2013

True Life: My To-Do List Took Steroids

I’m at the point where I think my projects have projects.  When we bought the house, we sat down and created a list, room by room, of things that we wanted to change or add.  Well, I looked over that list last night and added items – just so I could cross them off and feel accomplished. 

This summer has been more about finishing projects that have a greater impact on our house than just d├ęcor: like bathroom renovations, replacing windows & blinds, painting trim, adding light fixtures – the kind of not-so-fun-but-completely-necessary items.

09 August 2013

Oasis in Progress: Backyard Project

I love working out in the yard. Unfortunately with so many inside projects monopolizing our time, we haven’t been able to put a lot of energy into outdoor projects (minus cutting grass that grows about 4 inches a day. Okay that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I’m talking about!) Most of our yard is a very, very blank slate and is going to take some serious work. I can’t wait until I have the time to really sink my teeth into it. But we were able to focus on a little corner of our backyard in a high-traffic area.

When we bought the house there was an area that you walk through from the driveway to get to the back door that was previously just dirt and a few pavers that they had put out. It was ugly, barren, and un-welcoming. Not ideal. Luckily for us the previous owners left a lot of materials behind including a huge stack of bricks, river rocks, and some very poorly placed plant material.

06 August 2013

Island Time: Playing Catch-up!

The most frustrating part of summer is the fact that it seems time speeds up and one day it’s June 1st and then you wake up and it’s the middle of August. (What?! Wait a second though there’s still so much I want to do in these gloriously warm, lazy days!) This summer has proved to be no different. It’s as if the heat melts the days together and before I even realized it here we are in August. So I guess you could say that Two Broke Wives has been on a sort of summer hiatus with projects and celebrations and one fabulous beach vacay to Fripp Island! But as Fall quickly approaches we are back to our normal posting. So hope all you DIY divas have had a summer filled with family, friends, and fantastic projects!

Before I share with you the microwave project (yes the microwave is off of the kitchen floor), I thought I would just do a quick recap of some summer activities we have been up to – besides golf and work and junk!