11 July 2013

Not Your Mother's Medicine Cabinet

We admit it. We've slacked. I’m sure you all can agree – life happens.  Christie and I both have been spinning in the vortex, but we’re back!

So in line with the recent kitchen makeover, we got rid of our tall accessory freezer (holds all of Nick’s hunting/fishing winnings) and replaced it with a smaller chest freezer (it actually gives me some extra counter space, win!).  The tall one was leaking on the inside, resulting in daily defrosting sessions…not fun.  My mom and I actually took it out of the house AND down the deck stairs ourselves – hope you like the heavy duty dolly you got for Father’s Day, dad!

Once the kitchen was put back together, I was left with a lovely view of an ugly electrical cord.  The taller freezer hid it. Not so much for this little squatty one.  So my tenet brother and I decided to take measures into our own hands. I lost valuable magnet space when we kicked the tall one to the curb.  So we set out to make a magnetic access cabinet – check it out!

The box itself is 2’x2’ and is made from a 2"x4" frame – power tools were involved.  A piece of sheet metal the same size (you can purchase this at any home improvement store), hinges and wood screws rounded out the rest of the access box.  In the areas where the hinges would come into contact with the frame we chiseled out enough space for the screws to sink into the frame so that the door would close flush.  We also cut a square in the bottom of the frame so that I would be able to unplug and remove the cord.

Access Box Frame

Access Box Frame

I covered the piece of sheet metal with fabric using modpodge to keep it in place – it does work.  Tip: spray paint the sheet metal before attaching the fabric, otherwise rust will bleed through.  The fabric hid the hinges and also added a little bit of flair to the kitchen.

Since the box is relatively heavy, we had to make sure that it was attached to studs, we used two 2"x4" pieces and attached those to the studs – because studs are NEVER centered where you want them to be, attaching these pieces allowed us to move the box where we wanted it.  The box was then attached directly to those pieces. A magnetic clasp keeps the door shut.

Access Box

So there you have it! 

Finished Access BoxFinished Access Box

Finished Access Box

While it would be nice to be able to have a couple little shelves in there – it’s not really deep enough, but I can charge my cellphone and have it out of the way!  Hope you all are having a fantastic week, it’s almost Friday!!

Xoxo, Kate

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