03 July 2013

Elevate Your Casa: 5 Easy Home Improvement Tips

5 easy ways to take your house to the next level:

1. De-clutter: This seems obvious, but as day-to-day activities commence things just have a way of piling up. So taking the time to organize and actually getting rid of the things you don’t need will make your house more functional (not to mention comfortable.) Bonus – it will help lower stress too.  

If you aren't sure if you are ready to part ways with something, pack it away for a month…if you miss/need it, then it’s a keep BUT if you haven’t even thought about it since it’s been out of sight then say good bye!

2. Spray paint your kitchen and/or bathroom hardware. New hardware can really add up $3 (and up) per handle $2 (and up) for hinges multiplied by the amount of cabinets…and well there goes a couple hundred bucks that most of us don’t have laying around.

Say hello to your new best friends: primer and paint. All you need to do is remove the hardware, clean the pieces, prime (they have spray primer too), and spray paint (I love stainless, but there are many other choices!)

3. Think about your furniture layout. Sometimes the way your furniture is positioned does not maximize the room layout. Large, heavy pieces can also close in even the largest of spaces. Moving furniture around and making smart decisions with the pieces you use will help improve the feel and flow of your house.

There are many tools to help you especially if you have a difficult room size including Better Home and Gardens Arrange-a-Room. Also looking through design magazines (or Pinterest!) will give you ideas and inspiration for your own house!

4. Trim up the bushes and add new mulch. Lawn work is never ending, but I think these two tasks really help make your lawn seem neat and tidy. Over-grown shrubs can hide your house and crowd your flowerbeds.

Trimming them up or even removing shrubs that have really become too much can help add to your curb appeal. Adding mulch to neatly tidied beds will seriously take it to the next level.

Tip: Check out your local Public Use Area (aka the dump) or Craigslist and see if you can find either cheap OR FREE mulch!

5. Pressure wash your house, sidewalks, and deck. You can rent a 2000 PSI pressure washer for around $50 for 4 hours or $72 for a whole day from Home Depot with a deposit of about $100 (prices may vary based on location.) You can rent a higher powered washer for a bit more.

You will not believe the difference it makes (or the amount of grime that can build up!) Is that a new house? Nope just a clean one :)

I hope these tips help you transform your house while being easy on the pocket book and level of difficulty! If you have any suggestions of your own you would like to share, comment below.

Love, Peace, and DIY everyone!

Xoxo, Christie

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