24 June 2013

Stiletto Safe Haven

I had a very Sex and the City moment this weekend. My wonderful husband built me my very own shoe closet (okay it’s not nearly as massive as Carrie’s, but I LOVE it!) And maybe the best part is that it was HIS idea. What?! Who is this stepford husband?

When we bought the house its not like we had big plans to put in a shoe closet…it just kind of happened. There were two small bedrooms on the first floor. One of the first things we did was take the wall down between them to make one really awesome master suite. (Note: the master bedroom project will be a post one day, but I want to do all the finishes before I post about it. Neurotic much?)

Well we didn't need two entrances to our new (and very improved) bedroom. So the door we chose to close off had a miniature hallway (it was more of a nook than a hallway, but didn't really know how else to explain it. You know what would have helped explain this? Pictures. You know who didn't take pictures? Me.) Where the door was we dry walled; moved the door and frame into the bedroom, closed off the nook, and made that into the new closet door.

TADA!! New closet:

The inside left wall used to be the entrance to the bedroom. 

(Most exciting picture ever. Or not.) That wall is where the bedroom entrance used to be and that door in the right side of the pic is the door we kept for our master.

So after we got the closet door in and the old door closed off, we needed to build shelves. Hello circular saw and muscle-y husband! The nice thing about building your own shelves is the freedom to make them as big or small as you want. In our last house, we had a closet organizer that you buy from Lowe's  It was really nice, but the slots were too short for some of my heels (I have an obsession with heels. Truth.) So this time I got to dictate how tall the shelves were gonna be. I also decided I wanted a boot section on the bottom and some smaller shelves for makeup and hair stuff because I usually get ready in the bedroom not bathroom. Customizing is quite nice. 

There he is! Working on putting up the supports for the shelves -- we only had to go back to Lowe's one extra time for more wood...Success!

There it is. The rough finished product. Obviously there is still painting that needs to be done, but it’s so nice to start unpacking things I kind of jumped the gun. I also want to add hooks on the sides of the closet for long necklaces and scarves.  AND I just want you to know these are not all my shoes (there are many more where these came from.)

If you want more details about how he actually built the shelves, I can fill you in. It really wasn't difficult...just more time consuming than anything.  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Any good projects accomplished this weekend?  Let us know, and happy DIY-ing!

Xoxo, Christie

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