14 May 2013

True Story: Starting Rehab [Project Addict]

It’s finally going to happen. We are going to close! Friday is the day! Even though I will be out of town at a golf tournament, I am so happy that we are finally going to own the house. What a long journey this has been.

The current owner has been letting Kevin and I live in the house for the past 2 weeks, which was really nice so we wouldn’t be homeless, BUT there are lots (and lots) of projects that Kevin and I want to start working on and can’t since it isn’t ours yet. Sidenote: we may or may not have put some paint on the wall to get an idea of colors. Shhh don’t tell anyone! The nice thing is that since we have been living in it we have really been able to evaluate which projects are necessities, which projects we may have overlooked, and really understand what is and is not working for us in the house.

So this post is going to be a little different than the usual ones. I am going to give you a preview of projects to come; what we are going to have on our plate in the next few days/weeks/months. If you have any questions about projects that are coming up, go ahead and send them our way! OR just wait and see the progress as it happens J

First days/weeks (okay or month):
-Sand and stain the living room floor
-Take down a half wall between the family room and the kitchen
-Paint the walls, trim, and fireplace
-Paint the kitchen cabinets
-Make a kitchen island
-Replace vent covers, electrical covers
-Install new microwave
-Tear down the wall between the downstairs bedrooms to create a master bedroom

First few months:
- Continue replacing kitchen appliances
- Continue replacing light fixtures in various rooms/ add recessed lighting in family   
-Tile Kitchen and downstairs bathroom floors
-Replace downstairs bathroom shower and tile
-Replace vanity in downstairs bathroom
- Build a bar out of half wall in kitchen
-Build bookshelves on either side of fireplace
-Work on landscaping/ create a garden

Down the road:
-Create a master bath and walk-in-closet
-Replace fence
-Replace garage door
-Update upstairs bathroom (new vanity, tub/shower, floor, fixtures)
-Create a patio

WHEW! I’m tired after just writing that list. But I can’t wait to enjoy the process and see the changes happen (gradually.) That’s going to be the hardest part. I am going to want everything done immediately, but I have been coaching myself to take it slow. Enjoy the house as it is now and as we slowly put our own touch on it. Prayers as we start on this new chapter would be much appreciated. Can’t wait to fill you all in as we go along!

Our new bedroom. Yes, we have already painted the trim around the windows (I told you I had a problem being patient.) AND I cannot wait to get our furniture in the house because mattress on the ground is just not cutting it!!

Xoxo, Christie

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