30 May 2013

Shut the Front Door: Paint Colors & Tips

I've always loved front doors that pop.  A fresh coat of paint can really make something come alive, and give your house some serious personality.  I found this article on Houzz that breaks down what your front door says about you.  Just like body language makes a subconscious statement about your feelings/mood – your front door does the same for your house.

We have a colonial style house, and I love the details.  The moulding above the windows, dormers,  and the multidimensional aspects of the chimney – the house has character.  However, our front door was uninspiring.  It was a matte black. Black is without a doubt a strong color; but, it doesn’t really exude warmth.  Really – it’s like we hung a no soliciting sign and booby trapped our stoop.

After driving through our neighborhood (and actually paying attention) I realized that every house in our neighborhood has a red door.  Given that we have no homeowner’s association – I’m just going to assume that everyone really likes the color and that it wasn't a requirement.  Maybe red doors were just on sale that day.  Further observation revealed that everyone has a different shade of red.  Some have gone bold, others muted and understated.  But, one thing is true for all of them – they are more inviting than my black door.

After about 2 seconds of thought (it was pretty much decided when we moved in) I decided on what color to paint the door. BLUE. Blame it on some tragic personality flaw; I just have to be different.  Confession: I cheated on Valspar with Olympic.  Valspar in no way sponsors us, or even knows who we are – I just absolutely love the quality of their paint and the versatility of their palette.   Olympic “Suddenly Sapphire” it was – my parents painted their Adirondack chairs that color for my wedding, so it has a lot of good memories associated with it.

I have to say, I don’t think anyone will have trouble finding our house!

Blue Front Door

Tips for Painting Your Front Door

+Make sure it is clean – dust, pollen and dead bugs make for a lumpy paint job.
+Use a brush to paint the corners of any insets and other places that won’t get full coverage from a roller   (ex. around the door knob).
+Use a small foam roller to paint the bulk of the door – roll with the grain.
+You can generally tell where the “sections” of the door are – for example, my door: 4 horizontal panels (top, bottom and 2 separating the insets), two long vertical panels (one on the left & one on the right) and 3 small vertical panels (in between the insets).
+Paint the faces of the insets first – these are large enough (at least on mine) that they can be painted with the roller.  Next, paint all vertical panels. Finally, paint all horizontal panels.
+Let the door dry completely before you put another coat on it (mine took 4) OR before you shut the door!

So, what does your front door say about you?

Xoxo, Kate

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  1. Well, Ladies. I did the red door. :) Fiesta red. Rustoleum. I have a cypress board and batten house with a 40 foot porch. No color, all wood. blah, blah, blah. We did an addition, so I figured while hubs was getting what he wanted, I could slip in some upgrades too. I went from a barn red to chacha Fiesta red for the door. New huge shiny black lights on either side of the door. Painted all the furniture black, but my rescued FEMA trailer table that only had one leg. (She did get new laigs, like Lt. Dan) Red, red, red. Covered lots of pillows with curtain panels from our local Dirt Cheap. It was like being on a drug. The color went to my head! Lord have mercy, it looks so good. Shutters in black are the last thing to do. Love your site, ladies. Keep us inspired. I need some new ideas!