28 May 2013

Paint, Patchwork & Planning {First Project Weekend}

The house work has begun! After living like extreme minimalists for the past two weeks (seriously you can only change up 9 outfits so many ways), we finally got our hands dirty…which has meant unpacking and a plethora of other projects. Talk about good motivation.

In preparation for the home improvement kickoff, I had to pick out paint colors. That means this past week I have been painting various patches around the house trying to figure out what exactly I want (do you know how many shades of gray there are?! – PS it’s a LOT more than 50.) Our house is looking like a patchwork quilt…which in my opinion is a small step up from the poorly painted blah walls and banged up dark trim.

BUT after much experimentation, I have found the winners.

For the master bedroom, I am going with a color called Cobblestone. It’s soothing and nice and I’m not really sure how else to describe it, but Kevin and I both love it. The rest of the walls (the bathrooms walls are still currently conflicted, and therefore not included) are going to be Driftwood Gray with Pure White trim. The fireplace is going to be Morning Fog, an extremely light aqua blue that without the white trim you would almost think was white. I am toying with the idea of painting the mantle Francesca (a black tone) instead of the Pure White I had originally planned on. You’ll find out the end result later. Finally for the kitchen cabinets (likely to be tackled in the coming weekends) are going to be two-toned. The bottom cabinets are going to be Francesca (the black color) and the top cabinets are going to be Sharkey Gray (a light gray with brown under tones. Sounds weird I know, but it’s quite a nice color.) All of the colors have been picked from the Martha Stewart collection from Home Depot. I love the Lowe’s paint department; don’t get me wrong, it just happened to work out like that.

This past week/weekend consisted of the chicks (with the chicks being me and mom) painting our butts off, and the boys (Grandaddy, Dad, and Kevin) preparing for the demolition of the half wall in the living room and the wall between the two bedrooms downstairs.  Breaks in between paint coats left me daydreaming about sanding the living room floor. I haven’t decided what color stain I am going to go with. I’m leaning towards a darker shade right now, but I really haven’t made my mind up. Suggestions??    

With all of my excitement to see progress finally happen, I am also anxious I’m not going to like what I have chosen/exhausted from how much work this is going to be. I realize though that the sweat and time is going to take this house and transform it into our home, so this girl is ready to start working!

Preview of the bedroom paint (and WHITE trim) -- and the infamous spindle wall...

Patchwork in our living room -- and more spindles :)

I hope everyone had a fun & safe Memorial Day. Bring on the summer!

Xoxo, Christie

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  1. I am cracking up! We have painted 1/2 the house and still have 1/2 to go. All paint selections are Martha Stewart. The living room will be Sharkey Gray once we actually paint it, and we almost used Driftwood in another room. We have been SOOO happy with how quality of the paint.

    We also have spindles in the living room, right as you walk in the front door. I am anxious to see how you deal with those...I may steal your ideas!