01 May 2013

I Have a Deadline...I NEED a Donut

Ever notice how when your schedule is slammed, and you have 5 million people pulling you in 10 million different directions all you want to do is eat...preferably something coated in sugar.  Possibly deep fried.

stress eating

I'm going to shed some light on this bikini busting issue.  Women, well people as a whole, are more stressed now than they were 50 years ago.  The economy is in the tank, job security is questionable, a housing crisis, rising health care costs...whew! I can feel my blood pressure rising.

So why does Krispy Kreme sound ace when your datebook is monopolizing precious real estate in your purse? Cause they coat them with crack...only kidding!! There are two main types of stress: Good Stress (eustress) Bad Stress (distress). Yes, there is such a thing as good stress--think of getting a good grade, hearing good news...it's positive. Good stress also doesn't cause the same chemical reactions in your body as bad stress.  Bad stress triggers a release of the hormone Cortisol.  Who cares about hormones right? Wrong...cortisol is responsible for those creeping little cravings of sweet & salty foodies. Why does your body do this? In olden days (think cavemen/Geico commercial) stress usually meant a time of scarcity.  So your body used cortisol to help bulk up so that it wouldn't starve when doomsday hit. Now...well, now it means you have to keep a revolving door of pants sizes in your closet. Lame.

Rich foods, high in fat & sugar content...Twinkies (we almost lost them!), donuts, cream puffs, cake etc. Trigger reward receptors in the brain. It makes you happy--the funny thing? You can get these same results from cocaine or exercise. I highly recommend the latter. Not only will it increase your self-esteem (lowers stress) it will cut down on that probable jail time (increases stress).

Exercise releases endorphins (feel good hormones)...it also lowers/maintains your body weight, boosts your immune system (as long as you don't become obsessive) and helps your body both physically and chemically react to stress. So how else food-wise can you cut off those nagging cravings? Make fresh fruit smoothies, freeze yogurt cups that you would normally buy for breakfast (I highly suggest the chocolate or cheesecake ones) or enjoy a piece of dark chocolate with a reasonable glass (one) of red wine.

And maybe learn how to say "NO!" to some engagements...you're only one person right?

Xoxo, Kate


  1. I guess it's a good thing that even thinking about a twinkie makes me want to vomit. :)
    I thoroughly enjoy your nutrition posts. I seem to learn something new or they remind me of things I thought I forgot.

  2. Aren't they making their second debut July 15th?! You might want to travel with a puke bag ;) Glad that we can spark an idea!!