17 May 2013

Bathroom Demo(lition)

This project is exactly the reason why I've slacked on chatting with you all lately.  It's consumed our lives!  Nick and I decided (awhile ago) that our first major project was going to be rehabbing the downstairs bathroom.  Small and dated, not really the best combination.  Well due to one reason or another, we've been putting it off -- we've had all the materials for months. Motivation on aisle 3?

My brother is living with us this summer while he completes an internship -- his bedroom is downstairs. Just the fire that we needed to kick this project into high gear.  So this week has consisted of gutting the downstairs bathroom -- it makes me excited and ridiculously anxious all at the same time. Nonetheless -- check out our progress thus far!

That's the bathroom before! It's only about a 5'x7' space and the vanity pretty much takes up the entire space -- but no 80's bathroom is complete without vinyl adhesive tile!

Vanity's gone topless!! This was actually the easiest part -- the previous owners didn't get a great caulk seal between the countertop and the wall, so that cut out the work of cutting/removing the caulking.  Once Nick turned off the water & disconnected the sink plumbing we basically just lifted the top off! By "we" I mean Nick, I was there to provide moral support and hold the flashlight through this part of the process.

Naked! The vanity was demolished in the process of getting it to fit out of the door -- take the door off? Nah -- just beat the vanity til it breaks down.  The toilet came out next in 2 pieces, followed by the laminate flooring & subfloor.  After the removal of about 129,878,576,948 staples, we called it a night.

Major makeover starts this weekend -- I'll keep you posted!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend :)

Xoxo, Kate


  1. I'm curious to know how you got on??!!

    1. Amanda -- so sorry it has taken us a million years to respond -- we've taken a brief break to try and regroup some of our home reno projects as they've grown exponentially in size and difficulty. To see how the bathroom turned out, check out this post: http://www.twobrokewives.com/2013/08/true-life-my-to-do-list-took-steroids.html