03 April 2013

These Boots Were Made for...Slouching?

My shoe obsession is well vetted. With a finite amount of closet space, sometimes that obsession can get a little taxing (no pun intended!) on my husband…especially when my shoes start to encroach on the 2’ x 2’ area that I've allotted him – I think that’s being generous!

That being said, I am always looking for ways to maximize closet space.  We have a shelf that runs around the top of our closet, and that’s where I house all of my bulkier shoes; ankle boots, riding boots, Uggs [of the knock-off variety], rain boots, etc.  My problem is that my taller boots don’t always like to cooperate with my master plan.  They get lazy and slouch all over the place.  This makes my closet look messy & cluttered.  Two things I’m not really a fan of.

Riding Boots

Didn’t their mother ever tell them not to slouch?

So, Christie and I decided to get creative and fix this issue.  Sure – we could have gone out and bought those bendy things that you can stick inside your boots, but I’d rather dedicate that money to something else at HomegoodsWhy not use something that we already had plenty of?

Wine Bottle Pile

You guessed it – wine bottles.  Okay, maybe not that many – but you get the point.

We had to first remove all of the labels from the wine bottle.  The best way to do this is to either use Goo-Gone or regular dish soap.  After letting it soak for a while, take a razor blade and carefully scrape the label off.  Make sure that there is no residual adhesive on the bottle.  After the bottles were completely clean we coated the bottles with modpodge and glitter [what else?!]. This project was actually kick started by Christie’s super cute owl – we had excess.

DIY Boot Stands

In all, the bottles took about 4 coats to achieve the look that I was going for – I didn't want them to be patchy since the bottles were all different colors.  To dress them up a little bit more I cut fun scrapbook paper into strips to look like labels.  It’s best to use a paper slicer for this step – takes less time and gives you a clean line.  To attach the paper strips to the bottles you’ll need a clean paintbrush and modpodge (glitterless a.k.a. travesty).  Paint a section of the bottle that you want the paper to stick to with a thick layer of modpodge.  It’s best to start from a center point and then gradually work your way around.  That way you’ll make sure everything lines up the way you want it to, and you can handle the bottle without being coated in glue.

DIY Boot Stands

I was happy with the way they looked – but they needed something to jazz them up.  I used sticker letters to spell out “If the” on the first bottle and “Shoe Fits” on the second bottle.  They still need to be sprayed with a clear coat of enamel, but the quasi-finished product turned out super cute!

DIY Boot Stands

          DIY Boot StandsDIY Boot Stands

Slouchy shoe problem solved!  I like to think that my closet is going “green!”

Riding Boots

So if you happen to have any questions, suggestions on how we should decorate another pair OR would like for us to customize a pair for you – leave us a comment or feel free to email us, we’d love to hear from you!

Xoxo, Kate

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