12 April 2013

My Life the Circus [5 Friday Faves]

It’s Friday already? What?! Well this week has flown by and what a good week it has been. I thought I would share the top 5 most awesome things that happened this week [in no particular order]:

1. It’s Masters week. For those of you who don’t know what the Masters is, it is my all-time favorite golf tournament. Augusta National (where it is played) is on my bucket list of places to visit. Check it out this weekend, even if you don’t like golf it is spectacular scenery! My butt will be planted in front of the TV like the obsessed fan I am.

2. I caught Molly in attack mode. She may be an indoor diva kitty, but she is a sneaky indoor diva kitty.

3. Kate and I struggled to learn Twitter [oh em gee]. If you could only see the sad hilarious production that it was to figure out the most basic of actions (uhhh how do you send a tweet? What is a tweet?). Oops, I tweeted – sounds like something I wouldn't want to tell my mother, BUT we are up and running so check us out @twobrokewives. We promise it’s going to be a good, good time!

4.  We bought a washer/dryer for our new house. You know you’re a grown up when….you get excited about new appliances {insert awkward happy dance here}.

5. Both tbw groupies husbands were out of town this week, which meant a super fun night filled with Margaritas (check out the recipe here), gossip, and DIY goodness. That means – get excited – sweet projects to update you on this upcoming week. Woohoo, can you feel the approaching awesomeness?

Did you guys out there in the blog world do anything fantastic this week? Please share! Happy weekend to all!

Xoxo, Christie

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