05 April 2013

How to Make the {Perfect} Margarita

To kick off the weekend in style, here's a "DIY" recipe for the perfect margarita.  To those of you that are scared of your concoctions in the kitchen -- have no fear! To those of you who have a disdain for following directions -- feel free to improvise!

Perfect Margarita

-750 mL Tequila
-1 cup Triple Sec
-1 can (12 oz.) Frozen Limeaid Concentrate -- thawed & undiluted
-1 can (12 oz.) Orange Juice Concentrate -- thawed & undiluted
-2 quarts water
-1 can (10 oz.) Frozen Margarita Mix -- thawed & undiluted

Combine all ingredients in a large plastic container. Stir well -- cover and freeze.  Mixture will be a slushy consistency. [Makes 15 - 20 servings]

Just to forewarn you, this does take a little while (about 24 hours) to set up -- so you might want to have some "beverage backup."

Otherwise, CHEERS to the freakin' weekend!!!!!

Xoxo, Christie & Kate

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