29 April 2013

Weekend Warrior: Karate Kid Dropout Edition

I’m a self-professed OCD-control freak-detail oriented-overachiever.  I tend to be very linear and I like to see things through from start to finish.  Procrastination makes me anxious. My closest friends can attest to this, and in fact – are probably snarkling and rolling their eyes. Whatev.

I set out this weekend to be a WARRIOR.  To finish my “two do” list – to scribble things out so hard that you’d see it 4 sheets later…I owned that task.  Quick background: in my book it is a “two” vs. “to” do list because where there is one list – there’s usually two.

All that I really succeeded in this weekend was STARTING tasks.  I’m not kidding.  My laundry, while folded, is sitting on TOP of my dresser rather than in it.  My normal psycho-retentive self was a scattered-hot-mess. Ever have weekends like those? I don’t think I could have rubbed two thoughts together if I tried.

26 April 2013

Wedding Tip #3: Stifling Stubborn

I am a control freak. <Insert rant here> I want it my way, my way is the best way, and if it’s not my way, well, it’s wrong. Okay, that might be a little extreme. I’ll admit (just this once) I am not always right – but I am quite particular.  When it came to my wedding my issue with control was exaggerated to an insufferable degree. Watch out vendors, bride with a vision coming through! I’m the type of person that when I have a mental picture of something, it needs to at least reach those expectations or I am not a happy person.  Love me or hate me, that’s just the way I’m programmed.

Delegation is not a word that I’m comfortable with –I want to have my hands in every detail. Micromanage much? Absolutely and I am not afraid to admit it. But here’s the thing, when doing something that you haven’t done before (and I most certainly had not planned a wedding before), it’s probably worthwhile to consider the advice of professionals. Hardheaded [completes the Type A trifecta]; but they've done this once or twice before.  So this next little nugget of goodness that I’m about to share with you was a big pill for me to swallow. If I could go back and chat with my wedding-planning self, I would definitely smack myself give myself this advice:

24 April 2013

Mirror, Mirror {On the Mantle}

We moved into our house about 5 months ago.  Some areas of our house look lived in – others look like we are still unpacking…probably because we are.  I’m the type of person that wants everything to come together immediately.  Prime example: our living room.  I want it to look like mine and not the person’s we bought the house from.  So I've been slowly choosing pieces/colors/what-have-you to create a cohesive look that reflects my tastes.

We have a great fireplace.  It really is the focal point of the room – floor to ceiling brick.  Originally I had two pictures in black frames just resting on the mantle.  That looked fine for a while (of course I don’t have photos of it – what’s a camera?) but we have dark trim…everywhere. Everything being dark was starting to get to me.  I needed something to jazz it up and help it look less claustrophobic.  What’s better than a mirror?

23 April 2013

So Close {Giveaway Reminder}

We are THISclose to reaching 50 "Likes" on our Facebook page!! Good job everyone!

At the moment, we are two likes away from being able to send off 5 sets of coasters to 5 happy people!

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Wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday <3

Xoxo, Christie & Kate

22 April 2013

Under the Sea [From Oven to Table]

When it comes to being brilliant in the kitchen, I am far from the first person you would ever think of. I am about as comfortable in the kitchen as a wool sweater on a hot summer day. Thank God my husband accepts me for both my gifts and my shortcomings because he is unbelievably patient when it comes to the dinner menu – the other night we had chicken breast and a cup of yogurt.  My guess is that he was just thankful we didn't have another smoothie night… poor guy.

I am always on the hunt for easy, but delicious recipes. When I stumbled upon this gem (thank you Pinterest!), I didn't realize the gold I had found. It is simple and comes out perfectly tasty every time – seriously, every time. In fact, it has become a weekly staple in our otherwise sad menu. So I thought I would share it with all of you and maybe it will become a go-to for you as well!

19 April 2013

Wedding Tip #2: Harness Flower Power

Let’s face it – pretty much everything about weddings is expensive.  The good thing though, is that with creativity and patience – DIY can save you a lot of money.  It’s probably a good thing that I didn't discover pinterest until AFTER my wedding; everything might have been different otherwise!

One way that I cut cost without sacrificing presentation was through the use of silk flowers.  Yep, fake.  I have to hand it to florists, it’s an art form.  Working with wired stems was no easy task – but to do that with live flowers? My outcome would not have been so pretty.  The benefit of using silk flowers is that you can choose whatever flowers you want, everything is always in season!  My mom and I made my bouquet with the help of a neighbor and then got brave enough to make the bridesmaids bouquets, and all the boutonnières & corsages on our own.  In all – we only spent $350 on flowers (including the vases and peacock feathers!)

17 April 2013

Paint {Makeup for Furniture}

While in moving limbo, my DIY projects have been pushed to the side. I am itching to get back to finding, fixing, and enjoying projects that I have scribbled on my lengthy to-do list. But during my hiatus of sorts, I thought I would give you a how-to on painting furniture…so you can continue to enjoy making over tired pieces, bringing them new life!

Bear with me – this is going to be a very basic guide to re-painting your furniture.  I don’t recommend jumping headlong into the painting pool without a clue, especially if you want a professional looking finish.  That being said I am going to focus on just wood furniture for now.   Laminates and other surfaces will be explored later!

paint swatch

15 April 2013

GIVEAWAY [Summer Swag]

Happy Monday Everyone!  Okay, true story – happy and Monday aren't two words that are frequently paired together.  However, we at TBW have something that should (hopefully) brighten your day!

How do we plan to make that happen? A GIVEAWAY!!!! Because everyone loves freebies!

We’ll be giving away 5 sets of these super fun coasters (designs do vary) once the TBW facebook page hits 50 “Likes.”

DIY Coasters

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Xoxo, Christie & Kate

12 April 2013

My Life the Circus [5 Friday Faves]

It’s Friday already? What?! Well this week has flown by and what a good week it has been. I thought I would share the top 5 most awesome things that happened this week [in no particular order]:

1. It’s Masters week. For those of you who don’t know what the Masters is, it is my all-time favorite golf tournament. Augusta National (where it is played) is on my bucket list of places to visit. Check it out this weekend, even if you don’t like golf it is spectacular scenery! My butt will be planted in front of the TV like the obsessed fan I am.

2. I caught Molly in attack mode. She may be an indoor diva kitty, but she is a sneaky indoor diva kitty.

10 April 2013

Chalk it up to [Awesome]

I have a phobia of bare walls and empty shelves.  That being said – I hate clutter.  Most decorations in my house are what I like to call “functional” pieces.  They serve to do more than just look pretty.  At the moment I love that chalkboards are becoming more readily accepted as prized décor pieces (I had chalkboards before chalkboards were cool – country song, maybe?).  If you get tired of the saying or whatever that you have on the board, refresh it.  With some of those snazzy wall stickers, you can’t do that.

If you’re into character pieces (like I am) then these chalkboards can get a little pricey.  I wanted one for my wedding, and after perusing Etsy I was determined to not spend $150+ on a chalkboard.  That was not in my budget (if you need budget help on your wedding, click here!).  What’s a girl to do?!  Bring out your inner girl scout and make your own!

08 April 2013

Wedding Season {Survival} Tip #1

I love weddings. I love going to weddings. I love being in weddings. But mostly I loved planning my own wedding. I think I may have gone through a short depression post-honeymoon because I missed the planning so much (I wish I was kidding! Depressed might be a little strong, but I did miss it.) It is such a fun, exciting, overwhelming time that hopefully you will never experience again.

I found joy in creating a vision, figuring out the details, and then remembering why I was putting so much effort into one day – because at the end of all the obsessing planning I was marrying the man God intended for me to spend my life with. It is such a beautiful thing it still gives me butterflies just thinking about it! [Hopeless romantic…guilty.]

However, I realize not every bride is going to be head-over-heels with the process of wedding planning… there is a lot to be done, a lot to think about and a lot of people to please. There were many days when the thought of elopement filled my mind and I was ready to grab Kevin and run off to some exotic location. But those were just short-lived bursts of frustration. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with elopement, it’s just not for me! No matter what style of wedding you decide to have, I implore you to enjoy it. Step outside the details, the “To-do List” and really remember to focus on the overall picture. Because if love isn't worth celebrating and rejoicing in, I don’t know what is.

Because I have been in the wedding trenches and survived, I thought I could share a few tips that helped preserve my sanity through a very insane time. Let’s be real – imparting all of my wedding genius (maybe a little over the top) on you at one time might be a little overwhelming.  So look for a wedding tip to be periodically mingled in with the normal DIY posts. These posts will touch on one “topic” so as to not overwhelm you and make you even more panicked than you might already be. If you have any specific questions/concerns, let me know! I will either answer you right away OR write my next tip on that topic. Hopefully these tips will be helpful or at least give you a different perspective, but if nothing else I’ll settle for a laugh at my expense over the many things that did not go according to plan for me and my wedding! You know, relieve some stress and all. So without further ado (because I can sense your ever increasing suspense!), here is my first tip.

05 April 2013

How to Make the {Perfect} Margarita

To kick off the weekend in style, here's a "DIY" recipe for the perfect margarita.  To those of you that are scared of your concoctions in the kitchen -- have no fear! To those of you who have a disdain for following directions -- feel free to improvise!

Perfect Margarita

03 April 2013

These Boots Were Made for...Slouching?

My shoe obsession is well vetted. With a finite amount of closet space, sometimes that obsession can get a little taxing (no pun intended!) on my husband…especially when my shoes start to encroach on the 2’ x 2’ area that I've allotted him – I think that’s being generous!

That being said, I am always looking for ways to maximize closet space.  We have a shelf that runs around the top of our closet, and that’s where I house all of my bulkier shoes; ankle boots, riding boots, Uggs [of the knock-off variety], rain boots, etc.  My problem is that my taller boots don’t always like to cooperate with my master plan.  They get lazy and slouch all over the place.  This makes my closet look messy & cluttered.  Two things I’m not really a fan of.

Riding Boots

Didn’t their mother ever tell them not to slouch?

02 April 2013

Sasquatch Hunting [Gift Edition]

My husband is a wonderful, thoughtful gift giver. While I realize that gifts are material and do not make a relationship, a thoughtful gift can go a long way in saying “I really do appreciate you.” So I always try to put the same measure of thought into the gifts that I give him. With Easter right around the corner I was trying to figure out the perfect token of appreciation that he couldn't live without.

Trust me, this is more challenging than you could ever possibly know – mainly, because my husband is: 1. into hobbies that I know very little absolutely nothing about (so he has to spell out every detail for me to buy him something in that genre.) 2. An excellent guesser.  Seriously, I could buy him the most obscure gift, wrap it, and he could pick it up and know exactly what it is -- Size, color, price, everything. I am married to the present whisperer.

So it’s now a game for me. I wasn't kidding when I told you I am the most competitive person on this planet (maybe I should seek help?!) “What can I give Kevin that he will not only not know what it is, but also love, oh yeah -- and not spend a fortune on?” The elusive Sasquatch might be easier to find.

01 April 2013

An {Exciting} Anouncement

Sorry -- we don't have any good spoofs on tap for April Fool's Day, maybe next year!

However, we do have good news!  We now have three new ways that all you [wonderful] people can interact with and follow our adventures -- check us out on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.  To reach us on any of those mediums, just click on the social media icons on the right side of our page.

We love hearing from you all -- really, it makes our day week.  So "Like" us or "Follow" us so you can stay up-to-date with all of our crazy shenanigans!

We hope that you all had a great Easter weekend filled with lots of family, love, chocolate, and Grace!

Xoxo, Christie & Kate