20 March 2013

{Re}Purpose - From Console to Counter

I think your kitchen is one of this most important rooms in your home.  Yes, aesthetics are important, but above all is functionality.

My husband and I bought our first house two weeks after we got married. Craziness.  It's an awesome two-story colonial, I love it.  The only problem? Hello, 1980's.  It makes me want to break out in song, Ferris Bueller style, often.

Our kitchen lacked counter-space.  This was a huge problem because we both love to entertain.  You can't have everyone hanging out in the kitchen fighting over the cheese, crackers, and chips that occupy the same 6 inches of prime real estate.  We needed a kitchen island to break up the space in our kitchen and provide some much needed sanity counter-space.

After a couple weeks of searching and not finding anything in our price range that we liked -- everything was basically $1000.00+ for a 2'x6' island with the features we wanted.  This called for an imagination intervention.  Why not find a base that I loved and then move forward from there?

I scoured thrift stores and Craig's list for weeks.  Literally.  I finally found THE piece.  It was hanging out in a storage unit a couple of miles down the road -- just waiting for me!  It had everything; character, glass doors, storage, and size...

Entertainment Console

Not the TV.  Yep, it's an entertainment console from Haverty's.  We purchased it for $300.  Loading this into a suburban to take home? Priceless (thanks Christie!!!).  One major problem, no counter top.

We decided we really liked the butcher block look. It adds a warm, natural element.  Be savvy when trying to find this type of counter-top   Even lumber liquidators can get pricey.  In fact, they started around $300, just for the top.  About a month after getting this beauty, we made a trip to Ikea....drool. Seriously.

They offer a natural wood counter-top, 2'x6', for $125. It comes in both a light and dark wood variation -- in that the base is already a dark wood, we opted for the light variation.  The easy part was deciding that was indeed the counter-top we wanted.  The hard part was making our way to the checkout line without getting distracted.  After a F-U-n morning of attaching the sucker, we were golden!  The top is attached with wood glue and then secured with L-brackets and screws from the underneath.  It isn't going anywhere!

We've transitioned one of the glass cabinets to a bookshelf for cookbooks & trinkets and the other is a 24 bottle wine rack (courtesy of my talented brothers!).  The back is still a work-in-progress, more pictures of that to come later. In the meantime, check out the quasi-finished product, and let me know if we can answer any questions...just don't judge my kitchen floor!!

DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen IslandDIY Kitchen Island

xoxo - Kate

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