25 March 2013

Packing [Attempt]

As the house hunting continues, we are going to have to be out of our current abode, and soon. Initiate crisis lock-down mode. Okay, I mean we do have a month, BUT we have a significant amount of stuff…important stuff that who knows one day down the road I might possibly need, so obviously I can’t get rid of anything. Can we say “denial”? Let the packing begin!

With the commencement of getting all of our much-needed things into boxes (Lord, help us), I have to be honest with myself. I have many, many flaws -- and I am not one to pretend I don’t-- but one of my biggest faults is procrastination (honestly, why do it now when you can do it later?! Riddle me that.)  The first step in knowing you have a problem is admitting you have a problem, and I have a problem. But not this time. I am staring the deadline in the face and refusing to resort to wine and pulling out my hair at the 9th hour to get all of our stuff packed. I am going to be the most organized-relaxed-put-together-future-homeless-person you've ever met!

Now before you start taking bets on how miserably I am going to fail at this attempt, I will have you know that last night I began the packing process (ha, take that doubters!) Well I have to be honest I wasn't too concerned about the packing at first (isn't blind naivety wonderful?!) because we have such a small house…but then when my rose colored glasses came off and I began to realize just how much stuff we have crammed into nooks and crannies, I could feel the hives forming (and I think I've already packed the Benadryl). Help me!

But I thought “no, I am a competent, smart woman and I will get through this”. So when looking into the eyes of a huge project, I always make a list (I get this from my dad. He can make a list with the best of them. And he has them for everything. Sometimes I think it might drive my mom crazy.) Here are the steps to my packing success: 1. Acquire boxes 2. Find a good song list and crank that music up (everything is better in dance party mode) 3. Pack things neatly into said boxes 4. Beg friends with bigger vehicles to help move neatly organized & labeled boxes to new house (yes, I do realize there is not actually a house to bring our things to yet. You don’t need to remind me) 5. Un-pack boxes 6. Enjoy new house and be proud of my non-procrastinated behavior.

Okay step 1 here I come!  Where do you get boxes? Racking my brain to my college days and moving into and out of housing annually, I remember many a trips to the ABC store (no not for alcohol, geeze, although that may have made the moving process significantly more fun) to snag free boxes. So off I went to the ABC store, proud that I was on schedule (yes, I had just made the list, but when you are facing your flaws you need to pat yourself on the back whenever you can!)

Well, here’s the thing, I drive a Hyundai Tiburon. It is tiny and cute and not at all conducive to hauling boxes. Good thing I have a husband who drives a Toyota Camry (hello car space? Not really, but it’s better than nothing. And beggars can’t be choosers-- hasn't your mom ever told you that?!) So 16 boxes later I was worried we might get pulled over on the way home for a suspected DUI.

“No officer I most certainly haven’t been drinking and I don’t know what would have given you that idea, but I’m offended! Oh, the huge amount of alcohol containers? Yeah, no, these aren't ours I promise…we are just moving!”

Oh hey there kitty, there’s not actually alcohol in there so sorry…

But, alas, we made it home without incident. Unfortunately, now that I had the boxes, I had to begin to put things into them. Gah, stab myself in the eyeball, moving is horrible! Avoid it at all costs, trust me. I wouldn't lie to you. After much complaining (according to my husband), I had officially packed up the linen closet AND our DVDs. I am a packing goddess. Basking in the rays of my moving awesomeness! (Once again, flawed here, patting myself on the back. Let a woman rant.)

In all honesty, this may sound absurd, but I am proud that I have begun packing this early. Because it isn't really about the packing at all (although having a stress-free move is a fantastic side effect), it’s about realizing that everyone has flaws and to do your best with the flaws you have. Remembering to always love yourself for who you are, because God made you in His image. The amazing thing is, is that God loves you regardless; He intentionally made us and made us with a purpose.  The flaws make us unique (a custom design if you will!)  I know that I am never going to be perfect, and I most likely will procrastinate again (a repeat offender I am), but with the encouragement of my family, friends, and above all else God I will try to use my uniqueness for good and at the end of the day that’s really all you can do.

And if any of you happen to have a packing flaw you would like to work on, I would be more than happy to let you work on it at my house. You’re welcome.

Xoxo, Christie


  1. Christie-

    I am loving the blog! I have recently ventured into the world of home improvement and have successfully painted the kitchen and updated the hardware. Sad to say the Great Bridge combo of green and gold (pale yellow) just had to go! As I venture into re-painting or staining a dining room set, I may have some questions.

    I have a small SUV now and would be happy to help schlep boxes for you when it is time for your move!

    Kate Savage

    1. Kate,

      Thank you so much for reading our blog! Glad you are enjoying it. I checked out your kitchen update pictures on Facebook, and it is looking fabulous (green and gold are just not a good color combination when it comes to home decorating...or P.E. uniforms for that matter!) If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to help you anyway we can. AND thank you for the moving help offer...be careful, I just might take you up on that :)

      Thanks again and shoot us any questions you may have in the future!