27 March 2013

Owl in Good Time

Pinterest and Pottery Barn have made me into a home décor monster addict lover.  Beautiful chic rooms filled with beautiful chic things… I catch myself drooling over couches and chandeliers and cute knick-knacks on beautiful shelving units.  But have you ever gone to purchase those knick-knacks? In case you haven’t let me show you an example: Behold one galvanized iron marble track (because every home needs a marble track).

Marble Track

Awesome right? Perfect for that empty spot on the mantel or bookcase! Well, baby, get your credit card ready because you are about to shell over $119 for that adorable little decorating nugget. Makes you a little nauseous doesn't it?

At this point, you might be getting a little irritated. Why mock me the way you do Pinterest? Why show me stylish rooms that I can’t afford without working 4 jobs?! Unfortunately, threatening to boycott the ever-teasing site is futile at best (let’s be honest it is way too addicting to ever really follow through on that breakup threat.)

Don’t fret! There are alternatives that won’t break the bank and are just as cute, and (BONUS!) you will have fun searching for your knick-knack treasure – you never know where you are going to find an awesome decorating piece!

This past weekend Kate and I were shopping (my favorite hobby) and I found an adorable potential bauble. I must tell you that I have an obsession with owls, maybe not as much as I do with cats, but it’s a pretty strong obsession. Kate can attest since she loves them too. We were wandering around Michael’s (a dangerous activity when your accountant husband frowns upon frivolous spending. But let me ask you this…is making your home comfortable and cozy really frivolous spending? I’d like to think not) when this little guy came into my life.


I had to have him; after a 40% off coupon Kate had (lifesaver because I love saving every dollar I can) he was all mine for $2.50. Now to dress my newest decorative object up, because he’s cute -- but let’s be honest he’s a little boring. Plain porcelain does not a cute trinket make. So off we went to Kate’s house -- not only does she have a lifetime supply of spray paint, but she has extra glitter and modpodge from her shoe project (have you seen those sparkly wedges?! They are awesome and I am all sorts of jealous!) That’s exactly what my feathery friend needed…some color in a can and SPARKLES.

I outfitted him in a shiny light blue (tip: if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore near you, hit that up to get your spray paint. They have fantastic deals there!)


He’s looking so cute already!

Now most sane people would probably have stopped at this step. But not this girl. Because what is a decorative object without glitter? Hello sparkles, hello awesomeness.

So I mixed the modpodge with loose glitter and got to painting the mixture onto my owl. I did one coat, let it dry and then went over it one more time. And the end result is dazzling:


I love my little guy and although he doesn't have a nest right now, when we get into our new house he will be put on full display.

So get out there and start searching for your own knick-knacks and make them your own! If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot us an email/comment. We always love to get new ideas and if we can help you out on your own DIY adventures, we would love to.

Xoxo, Christie

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