23 March 2013

Ottoman [From Pantry Shelves]

I’m all about reusing materials/objects for different purposes. Giving something a second life is always rewarding.  So when my brothers reinvented my pantry (I’ll post pictures of that later) I had a fleeting moment of genius.

Rewind to two weeks earlier – I saw an ottoman at Target that I loved.  It was tufted, and the perfect size.  However, I had some qualms about spending $100 on furniture from Target, especially when the fabric was ivory.  Ivory fabric + my husband = no go.  I don’t even think stock in Scotchguard could have sold me on that idea.
Target Ottoman

Now back to the“ta-dah” moment.  I asked my brothers to make a box from the leftover shelves from the pantry.  They were able to cut down 4 of the shelves to make all 4 sides and the bottom (crazy talented).   The top they dug up from my grandpa’s wood-shop. Something I definitely would not have been able to build by myself.  Not even on a good day.

Nick and I bought feet from Lowe’s that we were originally going to put on the kitchen island – however after the fiasco of putting on the top, we opted to go footless.  That allowed us to use those feet on the ottoman – I hate wasting anything.

DIY Ottoman
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The most stressful fun part of this was finding a fabric that not only I loved, but also one that my husband would tolerate.  I spent 4 hours pacing around an AWESOME fabric store with my mom & grams (partners in crime!). Literally, right before I was about to give up, I found it!

The colors are perfect, the texture is velvety (in a non-crushed velvet jumpsuit sort of way) and the weight is sturdy enough to deal with feet being on it all the time.

The real credit has to go to my mother – she spent an entire day wrapping the sides of the box in batting and then stapling the fabric to it.  The top is hinged (so it doesn’t slam fingers!!) and has a two inch foam pad covering it.  To achieve the tufted look, we used a covered button kit (11 buttons total) and used an upholstery needle/largest needle you'll ever see in your life to run the thread through the foam.  You’ll need to use a thick thread for these buttons.  The back of the foam is covered with cheesecloth like fabric so that the buttons don’t rip through the foam.  The top was the trickiest part to cover – and took every bit of two people.  One person to hold the fabric super tight, and the other to use the staple gun – seriously use someone you trust, or you could lose fingers! Biggest tip – work from one corner to the next.

In all we used a yard and a ½ of fabric, $15.00.  A 2” thick piece of foam $17, and two covered button kits $8.  Even though it was time consuming, it was totally worth it! 

DIY Ottoman

DIY Ottoman

Let us know if you have any questions!

Xoxo, Kate

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  1. That looks great! What a great use for an old shelves. I have the same problem with upholstery projects -- I have the hardest time looking for fabric. But when you find an awesome fabric, it's all worth it!