29 March 2013

Oh Deer {We Have a Problem}

I really enjoy the house decorating process. There’s just something about taking a blank room and making it your own; finding all the little pieces that create the bigger picture. It’s like a game – the bonus being that you get to enjoy the end result every day! And some of those “games” prove to be more challenging than others. The challenge can come from an odd room layout, lack of inspiration or having a husband with his own vision (I didn't think they actually cared what the house looked like as long as we wives were happy...Lies!)

But now that we are looking for a bigger house, my husband has started listing some demands of his own towards the design plan. I’m not sure I like where this is headed. Well, I have to say, I am partly to blame. I knew we would cross this bridge one day and right now is that day. Background: my husband is an avid sportsman. He has a strong love for anything related to hunting & fishing.  Unfortunately, along with that love comes “trophies.”

The trophy that he is currently petitioning to be added to the décor would be a deer head mount… I don’t mean antlers that I can lay out on a coffee table or even an antler mount that I can tuck on some hidden, not-frequently-seen wall -- I mean a deer head. Here’s your mental picture:  a rabid deer ran straight into a wall.  Displayed on my living room wall would be the head [the eyes follow you] and somewhere on my deck, the rest of bambi would be hanging out.

Now let me say, my issue with this doesn't stem from having a dislike of the action of hunting.  They are very conscientious in using anything they kill (we have a freezer full of meat to prove that.) It’s just deer heads and coastal-cottage-chic don’t exactly mix well. Like oil and water.

But then a thought occurred to me (shocking I know), “hey this is his house and he would do anything to make you happy, are you too much of a house décor snob to return the favor? Why can’t this be the ultimate decorating test? Let’s see if I can’t take his items and incorporate them in a chic way with the decorating plan.” Challenge accepted!

(Side note: I guess by now you can also tell that I am highly competitive. Have been my whole life. I have a strong distaste for losing.  That’s probably why my job is what it is. So do you think I was going to back away from this? Pssh no way.)

So I began racking my brain for clever ideas (something it is often sparse of) and scoured Pinterest for help in my decorating battle. Then an image came to me (sounds quite dramatic doesn't it, I can promise you it wasn't.) I saw a cute shabby chic dresser painted a fun color; however, it would probably have to be a neutral with a stupid deer head over it. Here’s where the clever part comes in – above the dresser, around the mount would be a large ornate picture frame in a cool color. A framed deer! Much like this small version:

The problem is now going to be where to find the right frame without breaking the bank. I have some old dressers at my parents that I am already thinking about re-doing; so I have that covered (post on that coming later), the frame I feel is going to be a little more time intensive…but, without it – not so awesome.

The treasure hunt has begun!  I have already hit up a few Goodwills and searched Ebay for just the right frame. It’s complicated, once I have a vision in my mind, anything short of that will just not do. Stubborn much?  So, if you have any suggestions on a great place to find a sweet, large picture frame, send them my way! I will keep you updated as this project progresses. Wish me luck! 

Xoxo, Christie

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