22 March 2013

I'm Addicted {To Shoes}

I have a bit of a (self – admitted) hoarding problem when it comes to shoes.  I don’t discriminate; I love all kinds, heights & colors.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I don’t care for this latest shoe trend:

Wedge Sneakers
How the heck are you supposed to run from the fashion police in those things?!?

My closet clearly illustrates the depth of my obsession (minus sneaker wedges).  It’s probably best that I wasn't blessed with a sister…had she stolen borrowed a pair of my shoes, it wouldn't have been pretty! “Buy a pair – get rid of a pair” does not apply to shoes, sorry.

Admission:  I fell in love with a pair of Butter wedges, peep-toed glittery perfection. 

Glitter Wedges, Butter

Then I saw the price-tag, $175.  I couldn't bring myself to do it. Naturally, I stewed over them for a couple of days, trying every which way to convince myself that they were totally worth every penny. I held out though:  Kate, 1 – Shoes, 0.

These shoes had to find a home in my closet. I had to get creative… desperate times here, folks!

Christie and I decided to check out our town’s sprawling shopping center, and found the perfect pair at Payless.  Sure, they were black and business looking – but not for long! Shoe tally: $24.99.

Black Wedges

A trip to Michael’s yielded Modpodge (gloss finish) and small diameter silver sparkles – they had larger diameter sparkles, but I thought they looked cheesy [said the girl with a glitter obsession].  The wedge section of the shoe was slick & shiny, so I had to rough it up with fine grade (220) sandpaper so the glue would have something to stick to. I definitely purchased way more glitter than I needed, two 8 oz. containers to be exact, and I only used about ¼ of one.

Mix together a small, seriously you only need about a tablespoon, amount of modpodge and glitter in a container you can live without ( I ended up putting glitter on anything that wasn't nailed down, because I made too much!).  The trick is adding more glitter than you think you'll need.  By mixing the glitter in with the glue, you don’t end up with loose glitter all over the place.  Lifesaver.

I stuffed the inside of the shoe with plastic bags so I wouldn't get the magic glitter concoction in places I didn't want it.  Using a small art paintbrush, I painted the glitter/glue mixture directly onto the shoes.  The key to it staying even is to do light layers.  Don’t worry, it paints on a milky white color (depending on the color glitter you use) – it dries clear.  Let dry completely in-between coats.  I did 3 coats, but do as many until you are happy with the coverage.

Seal with a final coat of just modpodge –to make sure the glitter behaves!  I used the same fine grade sandpaper to lightly hit the inside edges of the shoes, so I wasn't stabbed with any wayward flakes.  Next step? Wear them every chance you get!

Shoe tally: $38.75

DIY Glitter Wedges

Xoxo, Kate

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