26 March 2013

Caution: Wet Paint

In furnishing a new [to us] house, I've learned the necessity importance of working with what you already have.  Furniture is expensive.  So hand-me-downs and second hand (awesome) pieces are always welcomed guests in my home. I've become friends with the paint counter guys at Lowe’s and so far it’s a relationship that’s helped my house look like a home.

While I haven’t branched out to paint the walls yet – our windows still have to be replaced and ALL the trim needs to be painted as well – I have worked on jazzing up some accent pieces.  Luckily my workshop kitchen has a large enough space to allow me to plop down and paint these pieces where it is warm (and I can see the TV – Housewives, helloooo).

I found a pair of nightstands (actually I’m not sure what they are supposed to be, but I deemed them to be nightstands) at a small consignment shop a few towns over.  Luckily, the shop owner was willing to negotiate the price; A. because I’m cheap and B. because they needed some serious TLC.  There was something about them that I loved.  Sometimes things just speak to you – I’m sure there are some DIY divas who know exactly what I’m talking about.


The hysterical part about this story is how I had to get these home.  This particular adventure involved my mom & grandmother (insert collective chuckle from friends) and my gram’s fancy new “SUV.” One would have fit just fine, two was PUSHING it.  Literally – to get the back door to close the second row of seats was semi – collapsing on me the entire drive back to my house. 

Anyways, I decided to paint these beauties a subtle two-tone effect. I wanted to make sure that the paint would adhere evenly so I sanded everything down and used 1 coat of primer.  While that was drying the handles were scrubbed (gross) and then spray painted. Tip: when spray painting metal, use automotive paint – it adheres better, and has great depth.



I painted the bodies of the nightstands with Valspar Honey Milk (3 coats) and the drawers with Valspar Malted Milk (3 coats).  If looking for these colors at Lowe’s have them search their database as “maltedmilk” and “honeymilk” – really, it won’t pull them up otherwise; took me 25 minutes to figure that out.

Finished Nightstand

I love the process that comes with finding something when you aren't necessarily looking for it and then being able to make it your own.  It’s so important to be able to put personal touches on the things that you see every day; I tend to like things that have lots of character and are “out of the box.”  I’m learning to be patient in my quest of decorating my home – there is beauty in the process of acquisition and redefinition of great pieces.

Xoxo, Kate

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