27 September 2016

Life...In Real Time

Well, lovely Readers -- it's been quite some time. While we do apologize for the lengthy gap in our postings, this will not be a blubbering apology. 

As most of you can surely relate, life has a bad habit of yanking away time from your most beloved hobbies and taking control of the reins. That has certainly been the experience of both Christie and I during the last two years. Our lives have changed more than we can possibly comprehend and maybe one day, when we are ready, each of us will take some time to share our experiences with you.

We can assure you that we've been busy with projects in the interim and look forward to sharing them with you once we relaunch -- I think we're ready for a face-lift and you all are probably getting sick of the same tired site. Look for a new and improved TBW sometime early in the new year.

We would like to reiterate that this site was born out of a labor of love. We have dedicated as much time to it as we have been able (that should tell you something about how crazy the last couple of years have been) and while we apologize to some readers that are frustrated with our lack of communication, we will not tolerate trolls. If you fall into that category, then please, consider investing your time in a site where the authors are able to dedicate themselves fully to the task of blogging and updating with rapid-fire frequency. For those of you that understand that we are not paid to do this (our title is no pun!!) and look forward to our arts when we are able to steal the hours to tackle our thoughts and weave together a post, then we welcome you (with many smiles and open arms) to continue perusing our site and steadfastly thank you for your support and smile lines. We could not do it without your understanding and loyalty.

[end rant here]

Much Love!!
Christie & Kate

18 December 2014

The News (and other stories)

HELLO!! I am so excited to be typing this post on my brand new Chromebook! Unfortunately, our MacBook that Kevin got back when we were still undergrads (was it really all that long ago? Yes, yes it was) finally bit the dust. It decided that it had charged long enough and took the eternal nap. 
Can we have a moment of silence?

26 August 2014

Take Tue and To-Do's

Kevin hates Pinterest. The day I found this marvelous “think tank” of ideas and inspiration, was a dark day for him. But whether he has enjoyed the extra undertakings or not, we have found some really great DIY projects for our fixer-upper house.

21 August 2014

Crafting Forgiveness: The Art of Growing Up & Letting Go

So, I know this is a completely different DIY project than we normally share with you guys, and I promise that next week we’ll be back to the normal program. But, events in the last week have caused me to reflect back on close to 28 years of breathing and take stock.  Recently, one of my grandparents passed away after a long, steady decline in health.  However, we weren’t close and I hadn’t seen him in about 12 years.  I’ve harbored a fair amount of anger toward this man for a better part of my life – not because he was causing me pain, but because his absence made one of my parents hurt.

20 August 2014

What the Wednesday.

And so begins the day where even the calendar goes WTF – that’s basically an accurate description of my entire week.  My apologies for dropping the ball on “Take Tue,” hopefully I’ll be gifted with an opporTUEnity to make it up to you guys (insert snarkling over nerd humor here).

14 August 2014

Oh My Cheesus – Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you’re in the unfortunate position of loving all things cheese and carbohydrates, then we’re on the same boat.  I’m not sure how the “starving artists” of Hollywood can refrain from consuming bread, I’d rather quit breathing. Kidding. That’s a little extreme.

In any case, I do tend to air on the side of health conscious. I blame it on my schooling. When you know the processes, consequences and outcome of every possible thing that you can put in your body, that greasy slice of pizza suddenly becomes less mouthwatering.

To combat my neurotic napkin-pizza-blotting tendencies, I decided to branch out on my own…check out the recipe after the jump!

12 August 2014

Take Tue: Cones and Construction

It’s Take Tue day!!! However, I don’t have a super fun post for you guys (worst person ever.) But I will fill you in on the 2 big reasons I am so unprepared…and I promise it’s not “the dog ate my homework” bit:

1. Yesterday Beau had to get the big (well in his case, little) snip done.  And I feel like the worst puppy parent ever. I know it has to be done, but seeing my normally happy-go-lucky boy so mopey and miserable, hurts my heart.

And since mister fussy couldn’t leave his sutures alone (even with the small cone), we upgraded to the Biggest. Cone. Ever.

Yes, you can laugh at his expense. I just wish everyone could see this circus in real life. Priceless.

2. Kevin and I have started our next big house reno project. Adding to our master bedroom a walk-in closet and bath. It’s going to be so nice once it is done, but, man, it is going to be a lot of work in the mean time.

One of the things I enjoy about new reno projects is learning new skills. Thus far I have become much better at mudding drywall (and considering I had never mudded before, I think it’s a grand improvement!)

We have framed in the two rooms and hung, taped, and mudded drywall for the closet. The next step will be sanding and painting the closet drywall then hang the closet organizers, and rough in the plumbing for the bathroom.

Be prepared for some pretty sweet pictures (do you know how hard it is to take pics of framing and drywall?! You really can’t tell what you’re looking at.) But nonetheless here they are!

You can see the doorframe leading into the new bathroom on the right side of the new stud wall.

View of bathroom from new closet.  The toilet will be on the right in front of the shelf and the shower on the left where all the crap is leaning. (Um p.s. found the closet door leaning against the wall at Lowes with frame, pre-hung, and painted white for $25. Score!) 

Closet. Please appreciate that drywall mud job. I think I may have a new career…not.

I am finishing up a really fun little project and hoping to share that with you guys next week! Until then, share what you guys have been working on. We always enjoy seeing your DIY projects and reno's!!

Xoxo, Christie